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Question of the Week - Costumes for Halloween

Things are crazy busy for me right now, but since I love Halloween so much I had to post the question again.

This week's question of the week is:

What are your kids (and/or yourself) dressing up as for Halloween?

The Pumpkin received a Disney Belle doll recently, and she completely loves it! And before the doll, she kept saying she wanted to be a queen for Halloween. So I bought her a Belle costume. It's just the dress, so I'll have to figure something out to put over her sneakers and a necklace. I'm going to let her wear the tiara I wore at my wedding as her crown.

For the Pookie, we have this outfit that looks like a little vasity jacket with pants. I'm going to put that on, leave it open and put on a onesie that says "Captain Adorable" on underneath. I''m really excited that I came up with this idea, and I can't wait to see if it looks as cute as I think it will!

We had our party this year, so hubby and I both dressed up for that. Londo was The Grim Rapper, wearing a black robe over baggy jeans and white Air Jordans, carrying a scythe and wearing a lot of bling. I was The Wicked Witch of the West Si-ide, and I wore jeans, a white fitted tank, red boots, huge hoop earrings and other bling, with a crooked witch's hat and black cape. I think we looked pretty cool!

How about you guys? What are the kiddos this year? Are you dressing up?


Katie said…
I'm making the Infanta a Renaissance-y dress to go along with my medieval gown. We're going to a parents-and-toddlers party (with trick-or-treating!) on Halloween, and I'm going to a halloween-themed knitting party tonight wearing assorted other medieval middle-eastern stuffs. It's all garb I wear to SCA events, so it's all clothing-quality, even if I rarely have a chance to wear it these days.
Karen said…
Halloween is so fun! Becky is undecided, Josh is a football player, Luke is a nerd, and Micah will be whatever he chooses that night. Probably Buzz Lightyear.
Cloud said…
Our Pumpkin announced about a month ago that she wanted to be a horsey for Halloween. So she's going to be a horsey.

Petunia is so little- I think she'll just go in the "Little Pumpkin" sleeper someone gave her.

And I don't have enough brain cells right now to do costumes for me and Hubby!
limboland la la said…
i want pix!
electriclady said…
BG is going to be Tinkerbell. Hubby and I don't usually dress up--I tried to convince him that we should be Wendy and Peter, to go with BG, but he was having none of it. :)
Becoming Mommy said…
Sasha will not be going out. We're currently rocking the tamaflu and motrin.
Anonymous said…
Monkey (if his cough has diminished some) will be going as James, one of the trains from Thomas the Tank Engine. His choice. We went to Target and I was playing up the dinosaur one because I thought it was awesome but he insisted on the train one. Ugh. Oh well. Lesson learned. If you want to dress your kid up in an outfit you like, don't let them pick it out.
k&p said…
LG was a shark tonight, daddy was an octopus, and I was a jellyfish!

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