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Question of the Week - Powerless

Well. So far, we are surviving the Blizzard of 2010. But there have been casualties. As in most of the contents of our fridge and freezer. And hours of sleep. Because? We lost power for almost two days.

It went out Friday night, was out all day Saturday and Saturday night, and the entire day Sunday. We handled the first night okay, although it got a bit cold, which woke the kids up and made it a rough night for the Pookie especially. We did fine on Saturday, thanks to the gas fireplace to warm the family room and kitchen. But Saturday night was not so good. It was COLD. The Pookie couldn't sleep alone past the first couple of hours, because it was just too cold. But he had trouble sleeping with us and needed me to get up with him to nurse, and it was freaking freezing!

Sunday morning, we all got up and had breakfast. Then I packed a bag for the kids and myself, and Londo took us to my parents house. They had power, heat and welcoming arms. I stayed the entire day and night with the kids, while Londo stayed in our freezing house with the animals and the gas fireplace.

I have a lot more to say about the interesting time, including how awesome my husband is and some things I've learned from the experience. But I'm saving that for another post.

This week's question of the week is:

What would you miss most if your power went out long term?

This answer has become very easy for me: the heat! I'd probably have a different answer in the summer, but I HATE the cold. It was SO COLD! I was miserable, even in layers and layers. I don't mind playing in the snow, as long as I can go inside and get warmed up. When that's not the case, I'm pretty unhappy.

I think I could live without lights, TV, the fridge (we have a gas stove, so we didn't have to worry about that), and even--heaven forbid!--the internet. But I just can't deal with the cold.

What about you? What would you miss the most in a "grid down" scenario? What electrical item would you miss the most? What would make a powerless life miserable for you?


Katie said…
I think I would have to say light. I would miss the internet, phones are optional (unless I'm on call), and we watch too many videos these days anyway, but all of my other pastimes need light, and without them, I think I'd be pretty unhappy.
Geeks in Rome said…
OMG this post brings back memories!
We grew up in a draughty old farmhouse and the electricity was always going out (powerlines down from ice). But since we were living in the 1800s anyway we were pretty prepared.

We heated with wood and coal so electricity didn't change that. It was so cold outside we would just keep perishables in the workroom. And we had a lots of ice stored up to melt (with a propane stove and oven) for when the pipes froze so we always had water.

My mom was a hobby beekeeper so we had a house full of homemade beeswax candles. We'd snuggle on the couch or in bed reading, we used antique candle holders (the kind that could then be hung on a wall hook) and basically mellowed out.

One winter was so bad we did stay in a hotel for 5 days because we just got sick of melting blocks of ice on the stove to wash hair and bathe with. Plus we ran out of clean clothes.

Now that I have been introduced to the 21st century, the one thing I would miss without electricity is access to the ATM machine!!! We would starve.

The climate is not too evil and the heating in our house sucks anyway so if it were off we'd never miss it (it's an apartment fuel oil burner so we're safe). Rome has tons of gravity-fed water fountains so water is abundant everywhere.... But how sad: I would miss access to money. I don't have enough stashed away under my mattress!
MommyEm said…
It would be the cold for me as well. I could live with everything else, but not the cold. Heck, I usually wear long underwear and two shirts when the heat is on, so if it went out, I think I would really struggle. I like candle light and being forced to go without the phone/tv/internet, but if I can't feel my toes and fingers I just can't concentrate. I am glad that you made it through the first wave...let's hope it doesn't go out with the second!
Becoming Mommy said…
the hot water heater.

We have a wood stove for heat and indoor cooking. We have tons of candles (to include giant ones on 4ft brass holders) for light, books and games for entertainment, since it's so cold, we could technically put all the food outside bearbag style, but the hot water heater is electric.
Cloud said…
I'd miss my heat, too, especially if I lived somewhere where it gets really cold. In San Diego, I wouldn't mind not having heat for the grown ups, but it would screw up the kids' sleep, and that would suck.

I hope the power stays on this time!
paola said…
a hot shower!
hush said…
I'd miss recorded music the most - being without the radio, or my Ipod, or the music channels on TV or the internet for more than a day would be the end of me right now!
I told my mom to read this one and she was teary eyed. She remembered the days when there where still no electricity in their place!
Anonymous said…; You saved my day again.
Burgh Baby said…
UGH! I hope you haven't lost power again. I don't function well without electricity, mostly because I don't function well when I'm too cold.

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