Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a Day

I have spent my day driving and waiting, and being around sick people.

To the dentist to drop off Londo for a root canal, even though he has a bad cold. To my work to pick up my computer, which I had forgotten the day before. Back home to check on a feverish Pumpkin, do some work and pump. Pick up Londo, get some food for lunch and go back home. Waiting with the Pumpkin until the pediatrician's office re-opens after lunch. Taking the Pumpkin to the doctor to check on her fever and ears, and find out that she does indeed have yet another ear infection. To the grocery store to get medicine for the Pumpkin and Londo and the Pookie (for his teething), where I waited with the Pumpkin FOREVER for the prescription to be filled. Finally back home to relieve the nanny and care for the kiddos and hubby.

I'm beat. I just hope I'm not needed as much in the night, cause after that day I could use some sleep.


Cloud said...

Ugh. That was tiring just to read about. I'm sending you good sleep vibes!

Anonymous said...

you poor thing : ( sure you don't want us tonight?! -e

mom2boy said...

I'll gladly get up for you an extra time or two with mine if it helps even out the sleep scales. Ear infections are the worst! I hope tomorrow is better for everyone.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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