Friday, July 2, 2010

July DC Area Get Together - Petting Farm

Please note the date change to Sunday, July 11th!

Hey, DC area people!

I know I know that I said I would do a grown-up only event for June... but... well, June kind of got away from me. And to be honest, Londo and I can neither afford a nice night out in terms of money and time. We've only gone out once the kids are asleep, and then we have had my mom or MIL stay with the monitors. But lately, my mom's been busy and my MIL wasn't able to come up to visit until last weekend.

(Side note: MIL and FIL stayed with sleeping kids last weekend, and Londo and I went out for ice cream and a movie! An early anniversary night out for us! We saw The A-Team, and it was awesome!)

However, I've got a great idea for July 11th: a trip with kids to a petting farm!

This location is up north of me, so not too easy to get to for some of you. But we plan to go a week from Saturday anyway, and I thought others might want to come. Here are the details:

Date & Time: July 11, 2010, 10:30 AM - ??
Place: Green Meadows Petting Farm, Frederick, MD
Cost: $12 for everyone 2 years old and up, those under 2 are free -- CASH (or money orders) only
Food: They sell snacky foods, but there are nice grassy areas for setting outa picnic. Previously, we've left around lunchtime and gotten food at the McDonalds down the street, but I'm going to suggest to Londo that we do a picnic this time. It would be fun to have a picnic with a bunch of people.
Things to do: Pet and see all sorts of farm animals and other animals, including a zebra, emu, llamas, kangeroo; milk cow; watch a show with the animals (maybe just the horses? I haven't seen it so I'm not sure); a hey ride in the fall, not sure about the summer; learn about farming and animals from knowledgeable, friendly workers and volunteers.

So, who's in?


Anonymous said...

SIL here: where's the love for butler's orchard? : )

i think it's funny i live right next to the petting zoo and would not consider going to a meet there but i would make the trip to Germantown in a heartbeart : D

Anonymous said...

Trapped with in-laws (so a zoo of another kind...) that day. August???

Ramona (Raia) said...

Not sure if we can come or not, but if we are available, I'd love to go.


Anonymous said...

Have to talk it over with DH but I think Monkey and I might be able to make it!

caramama said...

SIL: I've got lots of love for Butler's Orchard, but this is the Green Meadows Petting Farm's last weekend open until fall. Great idea to go to the Orchard, though! If we can't make it a get together this summer, maybe we can go pumpkin picking in the fall! I'll check out their calendar.

Anonymous - That definitely IS a zoo! Have fun with your animals! I've had a few requests for August to finally be an adults only thing. I'm going to start setting that up this week, so we don't miss out!

Ramona and La Folle Maman - I hope you guys can make it!

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