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Would You Like Some Cheese With That?

I hate my mornings. That's not to say that I hate all mornings. I used to be fine with mornings. I was never a "morning person" per se, but I'd made my peace with getting up early, getting ready for the day and commuting in to work (which is usually pretty rough in the DC area).

But things are different now. Now we have the Pumpkin, who I love so much and wouldn't trade her for the world, but... she has not been what you'd call an easy baby. For the first almost 3 months of her life (except at night), she WOULD NOT BE PUT DOWN FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES! I am not exaggerating. It wasn't one of those things where she would make a noise and I, a new mom, would hurry to pick her up. Within minutes of being put down, she would work up to a scream of epic proportions. HOW! COULD! YOU! PUT! ME! DOWN! And I didn't "get her used to" being held. This was the case from Day 1. Although, I guess I did get her used to it, considering she was carried around in my belly for over 9 months prior to birth.

Once she was around 3 months old, she would let us put her down for up to 10 or 15 minutes. The bouncy seat was our lifesaver. Other than that, Londo and I got really good at doing things with a baby in a sling. Also, I went back to work around then, so I at least could eat one meal without shoveling it down my throat with a baby strapped to me or use the bathroom without a baby screaming to be picked up (because Mama doesn't get to wear a diaper).

There was a point... Oh, yeah. The point is that mornings have always been tough for the Pumpkin and me. When I was home on maternity leave, there were the mornings she wake up next to me screaming before she even opened her eyes. Those were fun. And she would cry and fuss the whole time I washed up and put on some clothes. (Just washed up and put on clothes--no shower, no doing my hair or makeup--was that too much to ask?) Then, there was a period where she no longer woke up screaming and would last about 10 or 15 minutes in some sort of containing device (jumperoo, play pen, rocking/vibrating chair), but to get ready for work, I needed 30 minutes. This meant at least 15-20 minutes of whining, fussing and crying while I tried to juggle her and getting ready, but longer really because of the extra time it took to juggle her.

Now, I can plop her on the floor of the bedroom and she explores while I get ready. Oh, it's great! I feel like I shouldn't complain at all, things are so much better. But I will complain. Because now she hates to have her diaper changed or have clothes taken off/put on and I feed her a breakfast of solid foods (30-45 minutes) and have to start the car and let it warm up before I put her in it (5-10). And some mornings, like this morning, she whines and fusses and cries the whole time. So from 7 until 8, she whined, whined, whined.

She doesn't yet use words, but this is what I hear: I don't wanna have my diaper changed! I don't wanna put on clothes! I don't wanna eat this food! I don't wanna be put down! I don't wanna play with my toys! I don't wanna get my coat on! I don't wanna go in the carseat!

For. An. Hour.

Once we get to my mom's house, she is fine and happy and my mom says, "She was fussy? Really?" As if she is never fussy for her. Urg. My mom has a great morning with the Pumpkin, and I'm really really glad.

But mine is another morning ruined.


ImpostorMom said…
I'm lucky in that Boog is pretty much a morning person. Along with not like pasta or mashed potatoes it is another reason that we suspect he may have been switched at birth.

Thank being said, he HATES to have his diaper changed or his clothes changed. However, with the husband going in later than me, I have given over the morning stuff to him while I get ready. Yay! I feel your pain though.
MommyEm said…
I have to chime in on this one, albeit a little late, since Dorothy has also decided that diapers and their unavoidable changing is akin to being tarred and feathered. Why in the world was I soooo happy when she learned to roll over???? :-)

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