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Question of the Week - To Every Season

We had a lovely weekend, including taking the Pumpkin in her stroller in the neighborhood parade, a barbeque with friends on the Fourth, playing in the backyard (blow up) baby pool for the first time with the Pumpkin, and a night out for Londo and I without the baby! We went out to dinner and a movie and got home after the baby was in bed.

Summer is my favorite season. I love summer blockbuster movies. At restaurants in the summer, I love sitting at an outside table with a bit of shade, a cool martini and people and dogs walking by (this was especially great when we lived in Georgia). I love the beach, the pool and any sort of water to play in, like the baby pool we blew up and filled. The Pumpkin had a blast in the pool, and I played with her in it and sat on our glider with a beer. Londo loves to barbeque, and I love to each grilled burgers and hot dogs with a nice, cool drink. In the summer, I really enjoy walks around the neighborhood, and the neighborhood parade was so fun.

Most of all, what I love about the summer is the long, hot, sunny days. I don't mind the heat and humidity (which can be oppressive in this area). When I'm baking in the sun and the air is thick with humidity, I feel happy and even sultry. When the sun is shining when I get up and still out at 8 or later at night, I feel recharged and full of energy.

I love the summer. And if it's not obvious, here comes the question of the week:

What is your favorite season and why?


MommyEm said…
Spring and Summer and for all the reasons you mentioned, plus one more. I love not worrying about a coat, hat, scarf, gloves, or any other extra clothing item when I step out the door. I despise winter and cold and for some reason I keep moving farther North.
Colleen said…
Summer...for all the same reasons. I love the sun, the warmth, the water, the extended days and so many more things to do, the ease of grilling (which helps keep the house cooler than running the stove/oven), and playing in the rain. :)
paola said…
I love the cooler months, so autumn, and spring, although I don't mind winter either. I love going for walks with the kids with our jackets,hats and mittens on especially with the mist on the waters ( on the canal near our place)and either the leaves changing colour or the trees without leaves and some snow on the ground. Don't like summer much as here we have really oppressive heat and mosquitos and nowhere to go as the traffic is just awful in summer. Finally got some air-con this year so that's a huge improvement, but I don't think I will ever love Summer again.
I'm Not Skippy said…
Fall. Most of my fondest memories growing up happened in the fall. I love everything about it, the weather, the events (start of the school year, Halloween), even the smell. . . the breeze blowing the scent of leaves around.

As a kid you get to see your friends at school again, play in the leaves, and go trick-or-treating. High-school and college brings new romance, homecoming events, a fresh start for the year. As an adult I got a baby in the fall, and nothing is better than a cool autumn morning for cuddling in bed.

And if you want good weather, most days are warm enough for shorts, but cool enough for pants. No extreme temps.

Fall just gives me this amazing feeling deep down.

Everything dies in the fall, but you know it'll be back. it's like saying goodbye to a friend knowing you had a good run and that you'll do it all again soon.

And nothing says you can't barbeque in the fall (or even winter), I do it all the time.

Keep you summer with your oppressive heat and sun and sweating that goes with it.

I love fall.
Cloud said…
Hmmm... the seasons are very different here in San Diego. Summer IS warmer than winter, and I like that. But my favorite "season" is really a month- I love September, because the weather here is perfect and the tourists have gone home!
La folle maman said…
I don't mind summer but I can't stand the bugs. In the Fall, they start to retreat a little and you're not pestered constantly by flies, mosquitoes, wasps, etc.

This is why I prefer fall or at least the beginning of it. I like the days when it's nice enough out that you can go out without a coat and only have to wear a light sweater at night.

The changing of the leaves is so beautiful -- a little bitter sweet ending almost. The colors are so rich and for some reason they appeal to me more than even the flowers in the spring.
OneTiredEma said…
When I was a kid I loved summer. I lived in the DC area and never understood why my parents found the weather so oppressive. I loved day camp, I loved the long days, I loved swimming.

Now I do find the heat and humidity pretty miserable--combined with the fact that I hate the "hermetically sealed" feeling of A/C.

Anyhoo, I like spring the best now. Daffodils, budding trees, light breezes.
Shellie said…
I totally love summer! I feel so alive with the extra sunshine and the poolside and the garden and the fruits and the kids out of school and the late, warm nights. Did I mention I like it hot? It's totally summer!
Tranny Head said…
I love the fall! I love that it's not cold yet, but there's that small hint of crispness in the air (not to mention a lack of humidity). I love when the leaves change color, and I love fun stuff like pumpkins, hikes outside, and butternut squash!
BrooklynGirl said…
I hate the heat and humidity. Summer is bearable to me in the early morning and later afternoon, but otherwise it's all yours.....

I'm a fall girl myself. I love the weather and the food and that first chill in the night air....Ah, fall!
BisBink said…
Definitely Spring and Fall... warm days and cool nights. I do love the longer days during the summer and the occasional nice day, but pretty much can't stand the extreme heat & humidity here in the DC area. Winter can just take a hike!

I have a 10 degree comfort zone between the low 60s and low 70s. Any day in any season with those temps is a perfect day in my book.
ImpostorMom said…
i love fall and spring and even a little bit of winter here in the south. I'm most comfy when I can wear jeans and a long sleeved shirt or short sleeves, jeans and sandals and be comfy.

I think it's more about the relief from what came before. Fall is great because it is a relief from the oppressive heat of the summer and spring is wonderful because the cold is finally lifting. I can even tolerate the winter. I despise the summer however. I hate it.

The heat is awful and oppressive, so much so that you can barely do anything outside for any length of time. And you might as well take three showers a day because you get all gross and sweaty just walking to the car. Blech. I'm already ready for it to be over. And ugh I have to be in an outdoor wedding in September. Blech, sweaty bridesmaids, lovely.
fall and spring in equal amounts. Spring is so wet and hopeful and it's starting to get warm which is exiting. And then Fall is crisp and beautiful and I LOVE scarfs and to wear a jacket and my birthday is in the fall and so is halloween. It is also exciting for me like the promises of something new.
Becoming Mommy said…
my favorite season is fall.
The cooling temperatures, the changing leaves, Halloween (I'm such a child...I LOVE Halloween!).
I didn't always have seasons growing up--well, unless you count Hurricane Season--so I love that we get Autumn here. And while I've never been able to handle real cold, fall temperatures are very doable for me.

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