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Random Thoughts From An Exhausted Mama

I had a whole post written out in my head about how I get along well with those of the male gender and how it's important to me to friends with men, not just women, and hear the male perspective which is why I frequent blogs by dads so much. But other than that basic sentence all I can think of now is: I like boys. Not like like. Just like. Except my husband. I LOOOOOOOOVE him.

And that is just not a good post.

After being up for 2.5 hours with The Baby Who Would Not Go Back To Sleep No Matter What I Did, being rescued by Londo (did I mention I LOOOOOOOOVE him?) and sleeping at most 5.5 hours last night, I simply can't think straight. Which is great when I have a super busy day at work today in which I'm require to both Think and Explain Clearly in Writing and Speaking. This is proving to be difficult.


So instead let me attempt to entertain you with the names I've given to our travel mugs:
-The One That Leaks
-The One That's Too Big for My Cup Holder
-The One That Coffee Slips Out of the Gap in the Lid When It's Supposed to be Slid Shut
-The One That You Have to Use a Utensil to Pry Off the Lid
-The One That You Can't Ever Get the Last Sip from the Bottom (and I need every last sip)
-The One That Doesn't Have a Handle
-The One That Londo Prefers So I Try Not to Use
-The One That Surely Has Lead in the Paint
-The One That Is Way Too Small and Doesn't Give Me Enough Caffiene
-The One That I Prefer To All the Others When It Is Clean

This morning I used The One That Coffee Slips Out of the Gap in the Lid When It's Supposed to be Slid Shut, which is why I've got a little coffee stain on my shirt.


And now, how about some ranting about drivers:

Why do people not get traffic circles? Hello? When you are in the traffic circle, you do not yield to the cars coming into it. They yield to you. And they really should be yielding to you--they have a big red yield sign, so why don't they yield??? This is not just the law, it's also common sense. Think about a traffic circle. It only makes sense to keep the flow of traffic in the circle going while those who want to enter the circle wait for an opening.

Speaking of yield signs and yielding in general, why do people not yield when they have that sign? Like when they are on ramp to a highway or a ramp to any road really. If you are coming onto a road, you are the one that yields. Usually there is a sign that reminds you. It is up to you to merge onto the road. And yet, people constantly just barrel their way onto the highways or roads assuming other people will just move out of their way even though they have the right of way. You know what they say about assuming, don't you? But in this case, it's only the "u."


Why is it that when I feel like I am finally getting a handle on this parenthood thing, even the hard exhausting nights, the Pumpkin throws me for such a loop? It's like once I finally think things aren't so bad even when they are tough, she says, "Oh yeah? Take that!" And I'm down for the count.

I did not see last night coming. We've been having tough nights, but I thought surely after 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, etc. she would go back to sleep and we'd happily co-sleep until morning. I could handle that. Except apparently I could not handle longer than 2 hours.

I love the Pumpkin. I really really do. With all my heart. And actually she's in a really fun and exciting stage which we've really been enjoying. But the sleep! I should say, but the lack of sleep! I know it's not her fault that she's having trouble sleeping. She has baby insomnia or something. We've gotten through all the other sleep regressions. We'll get through this too. Apparently it's time to batten down the hatches and go back into survival mode.


I'm sure I could go on with more random crap that's annoying me today, but I still have loads to do at work. And really, when I'm this cranky I try not to talk or write too much. Not my best side.

I hope everyone else is having a better day than I am.


My Buddy Mimi said…
And somehow all the past sleep regressions don't seem all that bad, but the one you are dealing with RIGHT NOW is killing you, right? Or at least that's how I always seem to feel.
La folle maman said…
I have a similar list for Monkey's sippy cups. They just don't seem to make those things to last. We just bought 2 about 3 weeks ago and they're already leaking! We even HAND wash them so I just don't get it.

As for the drivers, I, too don't understand how anyone does not get a circle or yield. Sometimes I think it's not that they don't get it, they just don't WANT to get it and are thinking "ME FIRST!" and therefore just barge into traffic. My traffic pet peeve is merging. Why don't people get the zipper concept? You always have someone that needs to grow a pair and speed up to merge or that idiot that doesn't understand it's not turn in the zipper and cuts in!

Okay enough ranting of my own.

I hope Pumpkin's latest sleep regression goes by quickly or at least seems like it to you and Londo.
Becoming Mommy said…
No, not a better day here and so I commiserate with you.
And Hubby, whom I LOOOOVE, is out of town. So no help in the wee hours of the night.
REALLY hoping it's just the dark....
I'm Not Skippy said…
Assuming: Ass out of "U" and "Ming?"
caramama said…
Oh, Mr. Not Skippy! I can't believe you went there with an exhausted, super cranky person! You KNOW what I meant! (And actually, I debated on how I could change the tense to be appropriately "assume" but I was too tired to figure it out. So "Ming" it is.)
caramama said…
My Buddy Mimi - That is exactly how it feels!

la folle maman - The zipper is so true! Why don't people get it?

Becoming Mommy - I don't care if the saying is misery loves company--I wish you weren't going through it either!
Anna said…
I think we are parenting in parallel universes. Or parenting cosmic twins. Or something.

We're in a "take that" stage too. And just when I was getting cocky about regular 3-4 hour stretches of sleep. Just when I thought, "hey, maybe I CAN do this." Then up for 3 hours (3 freaking hours!!!) in the middle of the night.

M. is just about Pumpkin's age, I think. 16 months?

Is it a developmental leap? Is it teething? Is it just a personality quirk that renders the kind of sleep us mere mortals need unnecessary? Is my child just a little asshole?

I'm too tired to speculate any more. It's all my husband and I talk about anymore: To ibuprophen or not to ibuprophen? To nurse or not to nurse? To rock or not to rock? We're boring even ourselves.
Not that it helps, but I think everytime you feel like you got it and then smack you WHAM with some new challenge it's to keep you on your game. Like an olimpic athlete (because parenting is like that you know) you gotta keep making it harder so you stay on your game.
Just think how easy all that hard stuff in life used to seem?

ah well that is all I have regarding it. I am busier than I have ever been and getting just enough sleep to be coherent.

I was coherent right?
caramama said…
Anna - Yeah! What you said! We must be in parallel parenting universes. The whole debating over each thing iwth hubby--ditto! I've heard that there is a fussy period right around 75 weeks, it's one of the wonder weeks. So I figure it's that and teething and a growth spurt and goodness only knows what else.

sheSaid - Did I ever mention that I'm not much of an athelete? Can I just tell the Pumpkin that Mama doesn't need to train this hard? hehe. And you were coherent.
Rudyinparis said…
That travel coffee mug naming riff? Hilarious. Dude, HILARIOUS.

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