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First of all, let me just say how surprised I am that when I asked a bunch of internetters who read my blog what they couldn't live without, the majority of you answered The Internet! I'm shocked! Truly, that's just so out of left field! Who would have guessed?


And now to make me feel better after having gotten my arm stuck with a needle this morning and 6 vials of blood taken (but at least we'll know for sure that I'm still immune to chicken pox and rubella!), I'm going to regale you with some cute Pumpkinisms.


On Sunday, I pulled out my old hair clips that I'm obviously too old for now, and I sat down with the Pumpkin to play with them. She loved the glittery little butterfly clips in a rainbow of colors (totally 90s, but I loved them). She kept handing me ones, and I kept putting them in her hair. They didn't last too long in her hair, but now she is always asking for them.

Best part? She says the word butterfly like this "wobberwhy."


The Pumpkin is a huggy girl, and she often asks Mama and Daddy for hugs. (Also loves to hug the dog, which is super cute.) Lately, she's stuck an "a" sound in between the word hug and who she's asking for the hug. So she says, "Hug-a-Mama?" or "Hug-a-Daddy?"

I keep thinking it's like Whac-a-Mole, but with more love.


She is still pretending to sleep (and fall down), but she's added a new action to the sleeping. Now, once she says "Pumpkin seepin" and lies down, she reaches an hand around and rubs her back. So she must like the back rubbing a little, even though she will often push my hand away if I'm really trying to get her to go to sleep.


Anonymous said…
I was going to leave a comment saying "Internet" too, but I figured it was too obvious.
electriclady said…
So cute! This is a really fun age, isn't it? I mean, other than the sleep regression and tantrums. :)
caramama said…
electriclady - Oh, you noticed I didn't write anything about the tantrums, did you? Urg!!!
paola said…
Oh the best of luck with everything. I missed your posts when you wrote about your resorting to IVF, but re-read them recently. You didn't mention how the weaning went. I'm so curious as I know it must have been really hard for the both of you.

Noah used to pretend snore occasionally when he was around 18 months, which was such a hoot. He would wake early, I'd take him into bed with me and tell him to sleep or I'd put him back in his cot. He would throw himself down and start 'snoring', then get bored and sit up and I'd threaten him again with his cot and he'd start snoring again. Too cute.
Karen said…
Ack! The cuteness of wubberwhy is awesome!
Colleen said…
that hug-a-mommy and hug-a-daddy is too cute!
Shellie said…
Oh, I love wubberwhys.

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