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Question of the Week - Free Day

Happy Rosh Hashanah, to those who celebrate!

Well, I'm late with my QotW post. This is par for the course for me lately. You see, my big project at work had taken over my life. I was working long hours at work, and continuing to work after putting the baby to bed. I was averaging 6 hours of sleep not because the child woke up (cause she's maybe 60/40 with sleeping through the night lately, thank goodness), but because I was up late working.

There was one problem after another, and one meeting after another. It was crazy. But it's done--mostly. We released the new version of the software Friday night. I spent 7 or 8 hours on Saturday updating documentation. And yesterday, I spent the day catching up on all my other projects at work, to the best that I could.

Today, other than calling in for a couple meetings, I'm taking the day off!

Which segues nicely into our Question of the Week:
If you had a day off, a day where your child is being cared by someone else and you don't have to work, what would you do?

I'll tell you what I'm doing! Now that the babysitter is here and I've made (and ate) pancakes, I'm going back to sleep. I am! I'm exhausted, and as soon as I post this, I'm going back to dreamland. Then, I have to call in for one of the meetings. Then, I'm taking a nice, long, hot bath. Maybe with bubbles! Definitely with a light romance novel. Once I'm out, I'm going to do my nails. Then I'll call into my second meeting.

After that, I haven't decided. I'm either going to the mall to shop for some clothes for the Pumpkin since she's grown out of her last size and she doesn't have enough pants to see her through a week in the fall. Also, I need new pants that actually fit me. (As a side note, I've found a diet on which I have lost a few pounds within a week or two. It's called the Stressed Out Diet. I don't recommend it.) I might just wait to go to the mall until the weekend, although I have no idea what the toddler will wear on her bottom half for the rest of the week. I wonder how dirty those purple pants that she wore on Saturday are...

The other thing I might do all afternoon is blog. I've missed my blogs! I've got almost 400 posts in my Reader! I have some serious catching up to do, and I would love to spend the afternoon just online reading and maybe some writing and definitely some commenting.

Yeah, that's what I'm going to do. Blog. So for now, I'm going to sleep. But I'll see you all later! For now, please tell me what you would do with a precious free day just for yourself.


Becoming Mommy said…
Wash (because they're only open during work hours, and the pups stink!), and then, if there was STILL time, work on the bathroom....which is still not done.
I'm Not Skippy said…
I had a free afternoon last Friday. I worked on the neglected projects I had around the house. I'll probably be doing the same thing this Friday too.

If I had a real day to myself, I'd sleep in a bit, eat at a pace not conducive to choking, and go see a movie in a movie theatre.

I've only seen one movie in a movie theatre in the past year.

Wow, that just hit me.
Don Mills Diva said…
I have had this a few times. I usually sleep in with Graham, hang out in the morning and take him to the babysitter late - 10ish.

During the day I catch up on all my blogs, run errands and get a good exercise session in before picking up Graham an hour or so early so we can hit the park.

paola said…
YOu know I'm a SAHM and recently my days have gotten a whole lot easier as Noah is back at kinder and Zoe seems to be coming out of the 18 month regression and is napping a lot longer. So it does feel like I'm getting time off, even if I'm not. I have been catching up with things I have needed to do: sorting thru old baby clothes; transfering baby clothes down into the basement; putting away summer clothes and getting out winter ones. Actually have been quite enjoying all this organising. Have done some sewing, trying out new recipes, reading. I guess if I had a day to myself with the same money, I'd spend it at home relaxing, doing what I have been doing recently anyway. If I had a different budget, I'd definitley do some sight-seeing, take in an exhibition and shop.
HeatherY said…
I would get a pedicure! Also,I need to catch up on some scrapbooking. I'd settle for a little window shopping at the mall too. I'm starting to slack off in the blog department too so catching up would be good too.
Anonymous said…
Sleep would definitely be at the top of the list. Go to yoga. Get a pedicure. Eat a leisurely, quiet meal by myself and if there was enough time, sleep some more.
Next thursday (the 9th) is my birthday and my mom is coming over to take babySaid for a walk and to the library, then we will be gardening together. But during that morning off I am going to do a photo shoot that has been in my head since spring but requires lots of set up, good lighting and no interruptions.
Anonymous said…
I think I would head to the kind of boutique shops where I want to browse and take my time (impossible with midgets in tow), and definitely take a nap.
Bisbink said…
Sleep would definitely be at the top of the list.
Anonymous said…
I'd spend some time trying out some fun recipes...or going to the gym. We also have to get the baby's room ready so I'd probably work on that. I'm hugely prego so the prospect of anything too strenuous that I would normally be up for, is not appealing to me right now (visiting an exhibit downtown DC, going for a walk, checking out Loehman's or TJ Maxx). NOwadays when I do have a free moment, I love to just sit and hang out on the computer.
Trannyhead said…
I'd get a massage, buy new bras, and go out with my friends for lunch!
ImpostorMom said…
I'd catch up on TV, read, play with the Wii and sadly probably catch up on some housework without a small person underfoot.

I probably wouldn't be on the computer at all cause that's what I do every day at work.

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