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DC Area Blogging Happenings

You all are wonderful, and it helps to read such supportive comments. Thank you. Now if only you all lived close to me and could get together and hang out with me!

On Monday, October 13th, I'm going to go to the BlogHer DC '08 Conference, which is part of the BlogHer Reach Out Tour '08. For those of us who are totally geeks about blogging interested in learning more about blogging and want to network with other bloggers but couldn't make it all the way out to San Francisco last July, BlogHer is doing this Reach Out Tour to different cities. Luckily, DC is on the list!

I know that Colleen is going. She and I are already planning to meet up at breakfast. Is anyone else going? It's apparently not to late to sign up, if you happen to be free on Monday.

Also, I had talked about spearheading another DC area get together in late September or October. Here we are almost mid-October and I haven't said a word about it. I was actually starting to think that maybe we could do something Halloween themed, maybe on Saturday, November 1st, the day after Halloween? What do you guys think? Maybe a play date at my house, which will be all decorated?

Anyway, that's all that my brain can handle right now. I'm still exhausted, and the Pumpkin is still sick. She did sleep last night... On me... In the glider/recliner... Shifting and kicking and arching every hour or two. So, I'm still exhausted. Did I say that already?


Sharina said…
I had no idea there was a BlogHer conference in DC coming up! I had toyed with the idea of starting up a blog again, but I won't be able to make it. I looked at the itinerary and it looks awesome. Have fun!

And if I am in town the weekend of Halloween, I would love to meet up.
zaimah said…
I was actually thinking about the same thing right now (the meetup) and logged on to note you about coordinating a meetup. I can help plan if you want some help (in any way).
Also, I wanted to say I am local and am willing to help out anytime you need help. I have an aunt in gaithersburg and so we come out that direction nearly every weekend. I know I am not the greatest noter in the world but that's usually because I get a chance to read blogs when I am rocking the baby to sleep. I don't know where the rest of my time goes. I wish I had a time tracker. But my lack of noting abilities does not reflect my lack of willingness to help. I am willing and able to help whenever you want/need. Plus, it would also be nice to get together at non-help time on the weekends sometimes.
As for the weekend of November 1st, I am out of town and I want to really come to the next meetup and so I am putting in my plug for a different date, maybe October 24th? We can do it at a park too, if the weather is nice.
And now I realize this is the longest note ever and perhaps an email would have been a better idea.
Anonymous said…
If it weren't for the admission price and the fact that my sitter is on vacation Monday, I'd probably go. Have a good time! I'll have to catch up with you to find out all about it!

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