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Health Updates

Before I get to today's post, in which I will give health updates on the Pumpkin, the baby brudda and myself, I wanted to say a couple little things.

First, thanks to everyone who commented on this week's question of the week. All of those answers were extremely helpful, and I'm looking into all the suggestions. We are big fans of Nature's Miracle, but I was worried about using in on the antique fabric. I will just test a spot first to see if it's okay. Maybe I'll use some fabric cleaner after using it, too.

Second, I really am going to post the Pumpkin's year in review, but it's taking me a while to go through the year and write it up. I will also do her annual assessment, but I have to do the year in review first so I can accurately assess her. I'm hoping to get them finished next week.

Third, on my way to work this morning, I was thinking about last week's question of the week, and guess what came on the radio? Magic Carpet Ride, by Steppenwolf! I was so happy.

Now, on to today's post...


The Pumpkin
The Pumpkin had her two-year checkup last Friday. She weighs 34.5 lbs, and is 36.5" tall. That puts her in the 95% for weight (up from the 75%, although she was in the 95% prior to that) and in the 97% for height (where she has been since birth). She is so tall! She doesn't look chubby, because of her length, but she does still have enough baby fat to be cuddly and delicious! By the way, she does not get the height from me, since I'm only 5'2"; however, Londo is 6'4", so there you go.

She is healthy and developing well. She is definitely on the top end of the bell curve for physical skills and communication skills, but on the low end for sleeping. We talked to the doctor mostly about her becoming a sibling, starting pre-school in the fall, dealing with potty training and other age-appropriate issues. I love our doctor! She had really good advice and ideas.

The Pumpkin also got her finger pricked and blood taken and her MMR shot. She HATED both! But they're done, and everything else went well. Although we are going back for one last DTaP shot (we try to break up the shots into separate visits but I forgot to schedule it when I was supposed to, so we're doing it this week.)

Another things we remembered while at the doctors... she is NO GOOD in waiting rooms. She does NOT like to wait, sit still, stay in the room. Thank goodness Londo was with me to help corral and entertain her (and to hold her for the prick and shot!).

Baby Brudda*
The baby boy is measure on target and looks good. Two OB appointments ago, when we got the big ultrasound, the doctor pointed out that there was some extra fluid in the boy's kidneys. He told us that occassionally, this is due to a blockage, therefore he wanted to keep an eye on it. Our last OB visit was last week, and the ultrasound should the same amount of fluid. This is good news, because if there was more fluid, that would indicate blockage.

We didn't get into it much, but Londo and I like to know what's going on and be prepared. Essential, the doctor said that if it was blockage, they would have to see how long it could wait to be dealt with so that I could deliver early. He mentioned that surgery in utero is something they try not to do if they can help it.

YIKES! Yes, the thought of surgery on the baby in utero or on a premiee just after birth scares the begeezes out of me! But amazingly enough, I'm just not that worried about things during this pregnancy. With the Pumpkin, I was worried about everything, especially considering how long it took us to conceive her and the miscarriage I had prior to her. This time, I am rarely concerned about the pregnancy, except in terms of how my depression and medication might affect the baby.

Luckily, it does not appear to be a blockage. The kidneys just have a little extra fluid in them. Not much, just a little. But we will continue to keep our eye on it and get ultrasounds to ensure it stays level or even goes down. Other than that, things look good!

The doctor is even happy about my weight. I have been worried about that, because with the depression I had lost a couple pounds and I think it's the upped dosage of medication is making me constantly nauseous. Since losing some pounds, I have managed to gain back those pounds and add a few more! The doctor says I'm doing fine. I'd like to thank the makers of Ensure for providing me with an option to get nutrition in a form I can stomach even when I'm too depressed to get anything to eat or too nauseous to think of most foods. My baby and I are both getting good nutrition thanks to them. (I should be on a commercial!)

Although the major factor is definitely Londo, who has taken over all cooking duties and helps make sure I'm eating and eating mostly healthy foods. He's the best.

*When you ask the Pumpkin what's in mommy's belly, she answers "baby brudda!" It's incredibly cute, especially when she follows it up with a kiss on my belly.

Apparently I already started on me. I'm eating a bit better and am working hard to stay healthy. But let me update about my health in general, outside the pregnancy. (Is there such a thing when you are the vessel to a parasite?)

Due to the longer hours of daylight, the good weather that recurs (although interspersed with cold weather) and the time change, I am starting to feel better. Maybe it's more that my spirits are lifted because I know that I'm about to feel better. It's hard to distinguish the two from each other. At first, it was definitely the latter, as I still felt that my brain chemicals had not caught up to the dawning Spring. But now, I am definitely noticing a difference.

In the fall, my SAD starts with me getting more and more tired, and it progresses into depression. Now, in the Spring, I'm feeling less depressed, although still very tired. I know it will only get better as March turns into April and April into May. I'm planning to meet with my doctor soon and discuss a plan for weaning off the medication, which we are working to do prior to the baby's birth in June.

June... That may be a different story than April and May in terms of my sanity. Hehe. But that will be for a different, wonderful, and life-changing reason that will be well worth it.

As for next fall and every fall after, I am committed to finding the right medication at the right dosage to ensure that I'm a sane and even-keeled mommy for my kids and wife for my husband and self for myself.


BisBink said…
I am glad everyone is doing wonderfully.
Kate said…
I am glad that you are starting to feel better and that your pumpkin is doing well. Our little one had fluid in his kidney's and I remember worrying about it. I loved my maternal fetal medicine specialist (and my OB-but the MFM was better for the scary stuff), if you want her info I would be happy to send it to you. My email address is in the comment from the previous post.

AmyinMotown said…
Sounds great. My little one is also HUGE and I am short--and same deal, mun husband is 6'2" and the second shortest of his enormous cornfed brothers. Several of his nieces are like 5'10" or 6 feet! This cracks people up because they keep telling me "She's going to be taller than you by the time she's NINE!"I love it though, I always wished I was tall.

And my little boy is short-ish. Like all my male relatives except my dad and brother. His sister will be able to dunk on him :-).
paola said…
Glad you are feeling much better. I have noticed you are more 'present' on the net too, which is good.

Wow, Pumpkin is a whopper!! If she were standing next to Zoe, my little one would sure be overshadowed (Zoe almost weighs 24lbs now at 26.5 months!!). Yes, a wee slip of a lass.

It's amazing what they can see with the ultrasounds. At our 3rd US, the sonographer detected a minor heart defect that had not bee picked up earlier. I was totally freaked out. The last 6 weeks of my pregnacy were not the most relaxed of course, but the problem resolved itslef all on its own and now her heart is perfectly normal. I'm sure all will be well with your little one too.

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