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Allergies, Cops and DC Area Meet Up (Oh, My!)

Because I'm even more oblivious to things than normal, I found out only yesterday that this week is both Food Allergy Awareness Week and National Police Week. These are two topics that mean a lot to me, so I'm going to talk about them a little before I get to the post about the DC Area Meet Up (which looks like it will be 5/23!).

Since it looks like the Pumpkin is allergic to peanuts, awareness of food allergies has become especially important to me. I highly suggest everyone learn at least a little about food allergies, because even if your kids don't have an allergy, one of their friends or familily members might. It's important to understand how to be respectful, informed and considerate of those with food allergies.

I have always thought, what if it was my child who could literally die if she was exposed to ______? Wouldn't I want understanding from others, not just eye rolling and frustration from another parent who can't pack a lunch with, say, peanut butter? Now that it might be (probably is) my child, I really hope that others try to learn a bit about how serious these allergies can be and want to learn to create environments that are safe for ALL children.

I don't yet know much about the food allergy world, but there are other bloggers who do. Please check out some of these other bloggers who know more about this stuff and have links to resources with even more information:
From the Desk of Mama
The Nut-Free Mom Blog
No Whey, Mama

A family member of mine was a police officer in DC for more years than I want to count right now. While I've always been extremely proud of this person and what he has done, it is not easy having a police officer as a family member. (Nor is it easy have a member of the family in the armed services, fire and rescue or so many other dangerous professions that many people just take for granted, but today I'm going to focus on the police force).

You never know when the call might come. If that call comes, you never know how serious it might be. Police officers put their lives on the line every single day. They run into danger while most everyone else is running out. They protect others even if it may cost them their own life. They bring criminals to justice. They search for the truth. They put the wellfare of others and the community in front of their own. Without the police, thing truly would fall into disorder and chaos.

This honorable job with honorable men and women can come at a truly high price. When a police officer falls in the line of duty, the police force and the community they serve suffer. But even more is the family and friends they leave behind.

I have to stop writing about this now, because I'm too emotional to write what should come next. I'll just leave you all with this: If you see a police officer, thank him/her for their service. If you are in the DC Area, there are plenty of police men and women from across the country here this week remembering those who have fallen. Let them know that you appreciate them.

Okay, let's move on to some fun stuff. Crazy, emotional, hormonal pregnant woman needs to not dwell on sad things like children who could die from an allergy or police who have died.

The poll clearly shows that May 23rd is the winning date for a DC Area Get Together. It turns out that weekend is Memorial Day weekend! But since it's a Saturday, I'm guessing the BBQs and other get togethers won't interfer too much with a play group.

Many people have requested an indoor place in case of rain. I agree that this is a good idea, however I am concerned about the crowds on Memorial Day weekend, especially if it is raining. Perhaps if we get to the At Play Cafe early enough we could claim a good spot. I think early is also important for those of us with kids who need an afternoon nap (not that mine will actually nap for me, but I've got to keep trying her). The Play Cafe opens at 9:30 on Saturday, and I believe I could be there then.

Another suggestion a few people had is the National Building Museum (which was also a contender for the last meet up). I know nothing about this place, but it sounds good! It opens at 10 on Saturdays and has free admission. (Don't you love the price of museums in DC?)

I'm also totally game for planning the get together at a park/playground (Stacy suggested a few) and having a back-up rain plan. I'm willing to make the call a day or two prior, but I'm not sure if you all need more specific plans in advance.

So if you are planning or hoping to come, please leave a comment with the following:
1. The fact that you are planning/hoping to come
2. Your name or alias so I can keep track
3. How many kids and adults would come with you (everyone is welcome!)
4. Your location preference
5. If you are okay with meeting in the morning
6. Your feelings on last minute rain decisions
7. How crazy awesome I am for attempting this when I'll be in my 9th month of pregnancy

That's all I've got for now, that I know of. I do currently have the memory of a goldfish, and I've always got the tendency to ramble on and on. So there might be something I forgot and lots of things I said that couldn't have been edited. Either way, I'm going to hit Publish Post now!


Colleen said…
1. as far as I know, we are coming
2. Wineplz/Colleen
3. there would be 3 or 4 total (pending any trips for Justin)
4. I think I'm leaning towards the Nat'l Bldg Museum
5. At least 1/4 of our group REQUIRES an afternoon nap (and 2/3 of the remaining members prefer one), so we're cool with a morning meet-up.
6. I hope it doesn't rain inside the museum, but I'd be cool with a last-minute change if you send via email--as you can tell, I'm bad about blog-reading lately. ;)
7. you are nuts--kudos for wanting to go out and about while that far along!
Burgh Baby said…
I had no idea there was such a thing as Food Allergy Awareness Week. I gets so smarty and stuff when I come here!
Mama (Stacy) said…
1. 23rd should work
2. Stacy
3. 2
4. outside is preferred, but anywhere should work
5. Morning is much preferred
6. Last minute is fine since that is how we make most of our decisions :)
7. Yes you are crazy awesome for attempting this at 9 months.
nutmeg96 said…
Hey, I had a roommate who was deathly allergic to peanuts. Even the slightest molecule could kill her. She showed me how to use the epipen and everything in case she went into anaphylaxis.

But she said it wasn't necessary to purge the house of peanut butter. We even used the same batch of utensils and didn't have a dishwasher -- I just hand-washed the peanut butter knife extra carefully -- and she never had a problem.

I guess with kids you have to worry that they'll get into something they aren't supposed to, but I think in the long run you'll find that it's not nearly as limiting as it seems right now.
Trannyhead said…
I'm coming, probably with Hubby. I prefer At Play Cafe because I'm a selfish biotch and it's about a mile from my house .... Mornings are Hawt.
Shellie said…
Those are both important issues, and thanks to your special officer for their sacrifice.
- Dana said…
1. It would be nice to join in
2. Dana
3. Me + Husband + Kid
4. Play Cafe
5. We can meet Sat 9:30-11:30ish
6. Since we're traveling to NE MD after, this is the only place that makes sense to go to (on our way out)
7. It's cool you are planning this now. I'm pretty exhausted at the 8th month. Oh and I can't wait until next month, haha - hang in there!
Anonymous said…
1. We are going to try to come (we still don't know if we are going to see my MIL this weekend.

2. Kate

3. One or two adults and one child

4. I prefer outside if it is nice, but wherever

5. Morning is best

6. Lastish minute is okay

7. Absolutely insane-Thank you so much

Sonia said…
1. Hoping to come, depending on location.
2. Sonia
3. Me + 1 child.
4. Play Cafe pretty please? I have to go to work in DC mid-day & may not be able to manage logistics otherwise.
5. Morning's great! We (i.e., my son) have an abundance of energy then.
6. We're flexible.
7. You're seriously awesome. And if we meet at Play Cafe we'll be just a mile away from Reston Hospital in case all the excitement causes you to go into labor early. :-)

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