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Mom Purse Coming to the Rescue!

I went to the outlets last month to buy fall clothes for the Pumpkin and much needed clothes for the Pookie. I got myself underwear--nothing fun or pretty, just big panties that don't rest on my incision/scar. The one fun thing I got for myself was a purse. I found it at Nine West and picked it for it's pattern and material. It's really cute.

The issues I had were that there was only one inside pocket (and no outside pocket) and it was maybe a medium-sized purse. I usually like smaller purses, because I will fill bigger purses up with crap that I don't really need in my purse. Also, between the size and lack of pockets, I had a feeling I would lose things in it and have to search for anything I needed. Of course, those things have come true. But it might not be all bad anymore.

As I was searching for my phone in the depths of the purse the other day, I was laughing at what was in there. In addition to my necessary and unnecessary items for myself, I also have some of the Pumpkin's things. There is a to-go applesauce I stuck in there on my way out of the house for our car trip last weekend (along with a box of raisins which have already been eaten). There is a pink ponytail holder that she pulled out of her hair in the car and I didn't want to lose. And there was a slinky that she wouldn't leave behind at home one day when we were going to the car to go to pre-school the other day, but she forgot about after she got in her carseat.

When we got to her pre-school today, the teacher asked her what toy she brought in for Show and Share day. Well, she had been out the previous two Fridays (for the funeral trip and before that because she was sick) and I hadn't read the note that came home yesterday, so I had forgotten that they do Show and Share on Fridays. I looked at the teacher and said we forgot. The teacher made a that's-too-bad look but said she could go look at what the other kids brought in.

And then I remembered what was in my Mom Purse! I had her slinky! A toy she loves! So I told the teacher I had something and pulled it out of my purse. The Pumpkin looked so happy. She loves that toy, and she had something to Show and Share.

I was totally reminded of the movie One Fine Day (remember that movie with George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer?) when Michelle Pfeiffer's character pulls all sorts of stuff out of her purse to dress the kids up so they could be in costumes like the other kids at the daycare. I'm not quite to Mary Poppins' carpet bag's level of holding things, but no one can compare to Mary Poppins.

Who needs Deigo's Rescue Pack when you have a Mom Purse? I'm sure I'll collect even more as the weeks and months go by, and it'll be better than Dora's Backpack. I may never get to use a small purse again, but it's totally worth it when I can save the day with what's in my big ole Mom Purse.


Becoming Mommy said…
I've never seen One Fine Day but my purse is ridiculous and always has been.
Probably because it doubles as a bookbag/briefcase.
I organize with make-up-bags. One bag for make-up, one bag for the "toddler emergency kit" (snack, bath sheet, shorts, boo-boo spray, etc.), one bag for my emergency kit (inhaler, bandaids, epi-pen, tampons...), and so on. It makes it easy and I pick different colors/designs so I can grab quickly what I need.
Karen said…
Ha! Isn't that the truth. The whole family would be lost without mom carrying the loot.
Shellie said…
Tell me about it!
MommyEm said…
When I was growing up, my mom had the ultimate Mom Purse and my favorite part was when she would dump it out on the floor to clean it out. We even took pictures to catalog the amount of stuff that she had in there. I've decided to take it one step further and just use my entire car as the Mom Purse...drives my hubby crazy.
Cloud said…
Yeah Mom purse!

@Becoming Mommy- I use something similar to organize our diaper bag, which is just a backpack, because Hubby won't carry anything else. I get the packing cubes that Eagle Creek makes, and organize things in those.

I use those for travel, too. The rule. Why settle for some manufacturer's idea of what compartments you need?
paola said…
That reminds me of my boy's ( first bub) first visit to the ped at 8 days old. I had no idea what I was in for and came along with my pre-mummy (read tiny! )handbag and nothing else, not even a nappy change. In hindsight it was pretty hilarious as the ped went to de-nappy my son and I realised I didn't even have a change for him. She actully said, 'you can tell you're a first mum!'

Now, my bag has grown to reflect the number of offspring I have. But the contents have shrunk slightly recently, now that they are both out of nappies. At teh moment it is stocked full of tissues.

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