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Inappropriate Things to Do/Say to Pregnant Women

I've made it no secret that I don't really enjoy being pregnant. After trying so long to get pregnant the first time, I thought it would be this wonderful and wonderous thing. It is indeed wonderous, but for me it's not so wonderful. I just don't seem to have easy pregnancies nor get the joy out of the whole thing that I thought I would.

One of the things I don't enjoy is how people seem to forget common manners around pregnant women. It can feel like you are public property and nothing is sacred anymore. In reality, pregnant women tend to be on emotional roller coasters thanks to crazy hormones, and anything can set a pregnant woman off into a crying jag or angry rage. So people should actually be MORE careful in what they do and say around pregnant women.

So as a PSA, I'm going to share a few things that are inappropriate to do or say to a pregnant woman!

Don't Touch the Belly
I understand that there is some magnetic-like force that pulls people's hands …

Question of the Week - Snow Day

Yesterday, those of us in the DC area--heck, make that the East Coast, at least--got snowed in. We had one okay snow fall earlier this winter, and a few dustings of snow. But this was a major snow fall with more than a half a foot of snow! Schools everywhere were canceled, people couldn't make it in to work, and the world around us slowed down just a bit to enjoy the snow day.

The question of the week is:

What do you like best about snow days?

When I was little, I of course loved having a random day off from school. I loved big snow falls because there was enough good snow to make snow angels, snowmen, snowballs, and occassionally enough to build a snow fort, all of which were done on what should have been a school day!

As an adult, I generally work from home when it snows, so I don't really get a day off. Although working in my sweatpants in my own home is a nice treat. If I do take off the day, say to watch my child because the nanny couldn't make it over and Londo couldn&#…