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Not Just Any Name

I've recently told a few people that they should start their own blogs. I love it when people I've become friends with start their own blogs, and I love discovering new blogs. I like to follow what's going on in people's lives, hear about what they are going through, be able to share with them in their experiences by commenting.

But let me offer this bit of advice for those about to start a blog: Check the name you are going to use to make sure that someone else isn't already using it.

Blog names are different than email addresses, domain names or even handles you may use when commenting somewhere. Blog names are an integral part of a person's branding, a distinctive name that a person uses to identify themselves and represent their product/service. Whether or not you think branding is/will be important to you or should be important to anyone else, it does become important.

I gave a lot of thought to what name I wanted to use when I first started commenting on …

Question of the Week - Kids Styles AND Shirt Giveaway

This week, I'm not just doing a Question of the Week. I'm having a giveaway! Thanks to Karen, at The Rocking Pony Etsy store, I am able to offer one commenter a free, handmade Rocking Pony t-shirt!

Wait, you don't know about The Rocking Pony Store? Check out the review I wrote up on my review site to read about how awesome the store is and see some pictures of shirts I own (on my daughter, although they are cropped pics).

Here are the giveaway details:
-Leave a comment answering this week's Question of the Week by August 1, 2010, at 5:00 PM.
-I will have a random drawing for the winner (only one entry per person, not per comment).
-I will announce the winner next Monday on my blog.
-The winner gets to pick a shirt from The Rocking Pony Store for her/his kid.
-If you are the winner, I will ask you to contact me, and I will give your contact information to Karen so she can get your order and mailing information.

This week's Question of the Week is:
How do you encourage yo…

Caro Figlio – Serious Talking

Mio carino figlio,

My darling little boy, you are growing so much. You are over 13 months and just as adorable as can be. You have your own personality and your own way and time table for doing things. I love to watch you develop and learn. I’m constantly amazed and delighted by the things you do.

One of my favorite things lately is how you talk to me, especially in the mornings after you are done nursing. You look up at me, your head still in the crook of my arm, and with your round eyes wide, you say, “ah do an doh na dah.” I respond, “Oh, is that right? What else?”

You continue to babble with the most earnest expression on your face! I continue to chat back with you until, inevitably, one of us breaks out into a smiling, causing the other one to smile and laugh back. Then, we usually start right back into the conversation.

Your teachers tell me that you talk with them and with the other kids, too. Your face serious and intent, your language (other than a few words) not yet understand…