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The Beginnings of a Ski Buddy

After lunch, my daughter and I went back up the "magic carpets" to the top of the bunny slopes. She wanted to keep skiing! With me!

I went down diagonally and waited for her, like the instructor had. She came right down after me. We did this a few more times, and then the Pumpkin asked if we could go together. She said that is what she wanted--us to ski together. At the same time. (Like ski buddies!)

And so we did. I kept on the lower side of her, just in case. But she was doing great.

When we got to the end of a diagonal, we would stop facing the way we had come and slowly inch our skis around till we were facing the other way. But then, my daughter started turning at the end of the run so she was facing the other way once she stopped, ready to go on the next run.

I was very impressed, as she did this without me giving any instructions. I pointed it out to her. She said, "I just thought it would be easier to end facing the way we'd go next." Indeed it is! An…