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Flashing the High Beams

Who am I kidding by saying "flashing"? My headlights are stuck on high almost all the time. A friend and I were just talking about how our nipples are stuck in the "on" position pretty much since pregnancy. What is it about our pregnant and now nursing bodies that feel the need to announce to the world where our nipples are? I'm sure it's all part of helping the baby find the food source, but does the rest of the world need to know? As if I needed anything calling even more attention to my bignormous* mama breasts.

Someone please tell me it goes away. It must! But when?

Speaking of my boobs, Londo and I have realized that we can't keep referring to them as boobs, or even Magic Boobs, when talking to the Pumpkin. All the other names that people give them seem silly, but I think we are going with "nursies." I don't really like it, but I always refer to breastfeeding as nursing (e.g., "Pumpkin, do you want to nurse?") so I think "nursies" will be the easiest for her to understand. I've totally vetoed what Londo wants to call them. "Titty Monsters" is wrong on so many levels. I'd love to hear other suggestions, if anyone has any ideas.

p.s. I've added a quote at the bottom of the blog. I will change it up with all sorts of quotes that I love. Check it out!

*Note to One Tired Ema: I told you I was going to start using that word. It's totally part of my vocabulary now. I even used it at work the other day. Please thank Miss M for me. :-)


ImpostorMom said…
Oh man I can't wait to see the pervy google hits you get from this post.

Yeah the nips seem to always be showing. I find myself wearing a lot of hoodies to combat that. We don't really have a way to refer to my breast with Boog. Never really thought about it I guess.

He didn't nurse this morning so I know now our days are numbered.
caramama said…
Awww, sorry about Boog looking like he's gonna wean. Of course, there are some good things to that.

When Londo asked what I was writing for my blog last night and I told him my boobs, he shook his head. Then he said, "I'm so glad you gave your blog address to my brother and best friend." Just goes to show you, I really will talk about anything with anyone. ;-) Bring on the google searches!!
La folle maman said…
This is funny. We too have been having an issue with this one.

I used to say to Monkey, "Who wants some titty?!" but we quickly realized after a friend frowned upon it, that we'd have to come up with some other phrase. My mom came up with "ninny", just replace the T's with N's, so it's worked because it has the same rhythm to it. We also call it just plain "milk" now and then but occassionally we'll slip and say titty.

We're also struggling with the words for his, ehem, you know. He just recently discovered it and now we are in need of a word. DH wants to use "schmekle" (which is apparently the Jewish word for it, even though neither one of us is Jewish -- it just has that element of humor to it). I've resorted to "pee pee" recently but that seems very unimaginative. Perhaps we'll go practical just use penis.

You'll definitely get some google hits now! :)
MommyEm said…
How about "breasts"? The Guide to Getting it On, one of the best books about sex and sexuality, has a chapter about talking to children about their bodies and sex, and it recommends just calling body parts by their real names. This, according to the authors, helps children become comfortable with their bodies and their functions. As someone who has been squeamish about the body, I wish that this tactic had been used in my upbringing. I wish I could support this comment with a pithy quote from the book, but it is packed and ready for our move!
caramama said…
I'm all about calling a spade a spade. I plan on calling the body parts by their real names. Both up top and down below.

But in this case, I'm talking about nursing a toddler (because she is toddling already, and we don't have an plans to stop nursing yet). And it seems to me that in this case, it seems that most moms give the toddler a name to ask for specifically for when they want to nurse. Does that make sense? Am I wrong in this? Maybe I need to look into this more...
I'm guessing "moo moos" is out then?

I stopped nursing at 13 months and yet still managed to never end up with a "name" for it. Good luck with that.
-KZ said…
well, you don't want your toddler asking for the delivery system, do you? how about teaching her to ask for the product, not the thing it comes out of :-)

I say milk is what it is, and what she should be asking for. "mommy, i'm thirsty, i want milk." not "mommy, i'm thirsty, i want num-nums."
-KZ said…
oh and i can't believe i'm reading this, and commenting on it. :-)

VDog said…
I taught Little Man a sign for nurse (he smacks his lips) (I don't like the conventional sign) and he uses it -- but he doesn't talk yet.

I ask if he wants to nurse as well - she may just say nurse -- I've known kids that have gone that route.

Nursies is cute, though. ;)
Karen said…
Thankfully my kids were too young for words when they stopped nursing so this was never an issue. And strangely, one I'd never thought of.

The headlights dim after nursing. At least mine did. But at the same time, the beams are pointing due south.
Cara said…
Arabella didn;t talk until after she weaned (at 9 months) so we never worried about it, but I'd go for 'milk'. Now 4 she calls my breasts, well, breasts. You could use what my farming grandmother uses - teat.

On the naming of bady parts: When A was 2 she walked in on my husband in the bathroom, and asked "what's THAT?" When he told her it was a penis she looked skeptical and then announced "no, tail" and walked off.
Cara said…
and the high beam effect gets less pronounced, but never really goes away. sorry.
caramama said…
vdog - The Pumpkin's current sign for nursing is to open her mouth and dive-bomb my boob. We are working on the ASL sign, but at least I know exactly what she means when she does it. She also does it in response to my question, "Do you want to nurse?"

We may just stick with nurse, but there are times I have to say something like, "Be gentle with mommy's ____." Maybe I will just say breasts and nipples. Maybe there is no need for a special name. I don't know.

Karen - Glad to hear they dim. Currently, mine try pointing in very opposite directions when I shove them back into my bra. I have to spend time making sure they line up and are pointing in roughly the same direction. Too much information again?

Cara - Never really goes away? Crap. Thanks for the warning. And I love that Arabella called it a tail. haha!
in my family the kids just always said "I want to nurny" or I want to nurny you (said to a cousin who WAS not his mom!)

my little one is already too rough with me sometimes... just I just call it what it is. be nice to mom's nipple!

He found his penis in the tub a few weeks ago... i try so hard to use the proper terms... but sometimes I say his bits .... as in aw kiddo momma needs to clean your bits.

There is no reason for it... but sometimes I feel awkward saying the body part names.... need to work on it.

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