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Question of the Week - Internet Sites

Happy Monday, interneters! Can I just tell you that I'm loving the 10-month-old age? It's like a beautiful stage in between the fussies, and Londo and I are enjoying it immensely.

But enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do YOU think of me? I kid, I kid! Let's talk about other people, other places...

The Question of the Week this week is:
What internet site(s) (that is not a blog) do you LOVE?

I'm excluding blogs because there are just so many great ones, and lots of you have your own blogs with your own blog rolls. So I can figure out which blogs you love by looking at those. I'm looking for other internet sites. I'm thinking of starting a list of good sites to go with my blog roll (if it won't make my side pane too long... what do you think?), and I've got a few I'd like to list. But I always love to discover new sites or learn that other people love the same sites as me. So give me some good ones!

My favorite non-blog sites are: for all my movie/TV/actor queries (I'm always saying "Let's look it up!") to check those e-mail forwards and other urban legends for all the best information on breastfeeding because I can't spell and I love thesauruses (or thesauri, as I just now learned from for wasting time and having fun

Wikipedia and Google seem like givens to me. I'm sure I have more... If I think of them, I'll add them later. How about you?


I simply could not get by with Amazon and eBay. Yes, I have problems. I need to shop every day.

Another site I like is It has all kinds of spoilers for various TV shows. I love thinking maybe I know what is going to happen before it does, only to learn that I wasn't quite right after all.
La folle maman said…
Second the shopping sites! Our UPS guy is getting intimately familiar with our front stoop. But I really need to stop that already!

For other sites, I really like Indecision 2008 because of the comments they make on the candidates and how each one of them is a target for humorous attacks. Some other favorites are Baby Center and Real Simple (especially for the meal planner section).

The old is my FAVORITE site design of ALL time and it must be for other people too because even though the company has been bought out by another company, they keep the site up. It really inspires me. Not good for reading or anything else but it's the most fun you'll ever have navigating someone's site. I mention this because they are the ones who created the make-a-snowflake site I visit often (even in the summer!). Cara Mama and I spent the better half of an afternoon on this site when we worked together a couple years back. So FUN!
Londo said…
I spend way too much time on however, I now have mad tower defense skills.

I also spend a lot of time on news sites. Having worked in the media, I like to consume a lot of news. I like to read the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and Kansas City Star online. I also visit CNN and google news fairly religiously.
Becoming Mommy said… and The Guttenburg Project for downtime.
And then there's shopping....
Man...I dunno what I'd do without those!
OneTiredEma said…
When I am feeling like I have no idea what is going on:
Before the strike:

At various points in my parenting life: and But I have had the same sling library since AM was born and mothering can be really full of drama (I was mostly there for the due date support). So now I am all about Teh Blogs. for my reading habit!
ImpostorMom said…
I like alot and then there is and

I mostly look at blogs these days unless I have something specific I'm looking up. And lately I haven't even had time to read blogs.
caramama said…
How could I have forgotten Amazon? My favorite place for books, which I order from at least every other month! Although I'm going to have to look into And I love Cool Mom Picks and Baby Center.

Another I've started getting into is, which has great stuff, especially The Rocking Pony shop. Karen, you have such great stuff, I can't decide what to get!!

Message boards I love include Ovusoft and Mothering.

I'm going to go Make-a-Snowflake right now. That site is so much fun...

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