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Words and Curls

The Pumpkin is having another word/sign explosion. In addition to new words (and associated pointing to things those words describe, like shoes and hair) and new signs, she is now putting together some short phrases. Here are her phrases:
- Hello, Daddy.
- Thank you, Daddy.
- Bye bye, Daddy.
- Up, Daddy.

Do you see the trend here? We're both trying to get her to say similar things but with Mama. So far, all I get is just "Mama." But she says it (as Londo described) with reverence. She softens her voice and draws out each syllable.

So I've decided that "Mama" must be to her a name, a noun, a verb, a greeting, and everything else. The word Mama must encompass everything that is good and right with the word, there for it stands alone.

In other news, the Pumpkin's hair started out very straight. But as it's gotten longer, it's started to curl. Now when we brush her hair after her bath, it starts to curl up in about two seconds. I think this really surprises both Londo and me, because we expected her hair to be straight based on the first months of her life.

So yesterday, as the little one was toddling around the kitchen, here was the conversation between Londo and me:

Londo: I wonder where she gets such curly hair.
caramama: Well, I had really curly hair when I was little.
Londo: Yeah, so did I. But we don't have curly hair now, so where does she get it?
(At this point, I realize he's joking around, but...)
caramama: Um, my hair is curly RIGHT NOW!
Londo: Still...
caramama (rolling eyes): Oh, well, from the mailman.

Ba Da Ding!


My Buddy Mimi said…
We are usually referred to as "Mamadaddy," which seems to be a collective word for those that care for Mimi.
Karen said…
I love curls! If our boys would have been blessed with those they probably would never have gotten hair cuts.
Colleen said…
Gavin has wavy hair and it's starting to look like Cooper will, too.

And just this morning Cooper was saying "da da da da da" and I would say "ma ma ma ma ma" back to him, which usually he starts repeating. Instead he laughed at me and said "da da da da da da da". I tried several more times and each time he laughed at me. *sigh* So much for having a momma's boy!
Becoming Mommy said…
I'm still waiting for my "Mama". Best I get is "Mmmmmmmmmmm-*ptui*". On the other hand, Dada, Doggy, How you?, Hello, No, Down.......I think

And still no Mama.

I figure I'm like his ball. He can't say it because the whole thing is just too exciting and he shreiks instead.

We get comments on his Platinum Blonde hair. I figure a redhead can make a blonde, right?
La folle maman said…
Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I only get a "mumumumumumum" when he's upset and I'm still not really sure he's actually saying Mama but just babbling.

Looks like our lil' Monkey will be curly for a little bit as well. I'm hoping it will straighten out or at least not be too curly.

My mother couldn't be more thrilled and keeps talking about how it's a blessing. Ask Art Garfunkel if it's a blessing! She also keeps saying how my uncle's hair is curly and how wonderful it is. NO, MOM. IT'S NOT WONDERFUL. IT'S a MULLET! (Actually, I've HEARD via my mother he cut his mullet but I'll wait until I see it to believe it. He's had it since the 70s.)

Whew. Okay I've vented. :)
OneTiredEma said…
Miss M gets her red hair from the mailman. Sez Taxman. I say from my grandmother.

Most days I just wish it didn't come with the stereotypical redheaded stubbornness/attitude/glint in the eye. But I'm sure it's karmic payback for something...
paola said…
Noah said 'mama' for a week at 10 months and I never heard it again until he was 18 months old. I was 'daddy', everyone was 'daddy', the dog and ducks were 'daddy'. Zoe knows where he bread is buttered. 'Mama' gets me there in a flash, unlike her crying.
- Dana said…
I was "mom" from about 12-16 sophisticated. HAHA. Now I'm "mommy".

There is absolutely nothing wrong with curly hair AS LONG AS you don't brush it out after it's dry. My mom brushed my hair out for the first 8 year of my life and I had a horrible fuzzy fro. In my mom's defense she has stick straight hair and didn't know better. It cracks me up because one day my mom was over and after our little girl's bath she asked if she can help by brushing her (curly) hair - I was like "NOOOOOO"!!! Haha. Then mom was like "Oh, I guess I wasn't supposed to do that with you."
We say the that babySaid gets his long legs and height from the mail-LADY... :)
It's always the mailman's fault. Always.

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