Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cara Mama - No Longer a Bambina

Cara Mama,

I'm no longer a baby. I'm really a toddler now. I don't babble like a baby--I babble like a toddler, with realistic sounds and real words stuck in here and there. I don't move like a baby--I move like a little child who climbs and runs and hits and kicks. I don't even cry like a baby anymore--I let loose with my cries, and more often than not turning it into a real tantrum!

I'm growing up, Mama. When we get ready for bed, I like to stand up on my steps at the sink and brush my own teeth. When we are going places, I want to walk on my own. I want to go up and down the stairs on my own and not be carried. I want to be able to use my spoon myself and get my snacks myself. I want to hold my bottle myself. I want to do so many things myself, even things you say I can't do myself yet. I want to climb on everything and get down myself.

Thanks for letting me do all these things. I do appreciate you being there to help me and guide me. But I also appreciate you letting me try things and stretch myself. I am a toddler, and I'm learning new things all the time.

But I suppose I'll still be your baby, your bambina.

Ti amo,

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Shellie said...

Yup, I'm sure someday I'll be saying the babies are going to college! But I let them do probably too much themselves.