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Here Come Freckles!

Before I read this post by Girl's Gone Child, I never even thought about the fact that people aren't usually born with freckles. Apparently, they just appear randomly as kids are growing up. I knew that I used to get "summer freckles" that would appear when I was out in the sunshine all summer long and disappear with the onset of fall and winter. As for the other freckles I have all year long, I guess I just figured I was born with those.

The Pumpkin was not born with any freckles or birthmarks. She has this pale, rosy skin, almost translucent in some places it's so pale. As I've mentioned before, she most definitely gets this from her father. My skin is the olive of my Italian relatives, the yellowish-green undertones which tans with relative ease in the sun. I wondered if my children would get my coloring or my husband's. The first child definitely has Londo's skin color and blue eye color. She has the same shaped features as I do, but his coloring. And his skin is full of freckles--yet I never thought about her freckleless skin for her first year of life.

When the Pumpkin was about 13 months old, I noticed two spots on her arm. I'll be honest, I originally thought she had some dirt on her and tried to wipe it off. Imagine my surpise when they didn't come off. I then worried that she had some sort of rash or something, but when I looked at them in the light, I saw that they were brownish. Then it dawned on me--those were freckles! Adorable, yummy little freckles!

Last week, I discovered two more that are just starting to fade into being. One is on her leg and another is on the side of her ribs. I am beginning to suspect that she will be a freckly girl. I can't imagine that her skin will change from this pale, smooth, rosy, clear skin into pale, rosy skin sprinkled with freckles, but I am looking forward to discovering each and every one!


Becoming Mommy said…
How is it these kids aren’t getting the Italianness? Sasha totally got his coloring from me. No black hair and eyes with olive skin like his Daddy.
I was actually hoping he’d get it. Much better for him.
Anonymous said…
OH, I know. Mimi is getting tiny freckles on her nose too. Adorable!
AmyinMotown said…
Maggie has a completely adorable sprinkling across her adorable little nose. She gets them in the summer, and first got them last year. Like you, I was putting her in her carseat when I saw them and thought "what is that dirt?" and then realized what they were. And thought "Just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter with the big blue eyes and long lashes and dimples, she gets FRECKLES?"

Good luck with the weaning. Ours was abrupt and not my choice and I cried for days. I will be sooooo sad when Will and I are done because he's my last. There should be some sort of tradition to mark that, don't you think?
Colleen said…
Gavin's freckles started showing up around age 2 during the summer months. Most of them went away. But last summer, nearly all the freckles Gavin got sprinkled across his nose and cheeks stayed all winter and now he's got more (no matter how diligent we are w/the SPF 50 suncreen). Hopefully Pumpkin and Gavin don't end up like me with a bazillion of them all over. Frecklemonsters aren't quite as cute. ;)

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