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Middle of the Night with Sick Pumpkin

You all have done some gross stuff! I'm impressed!

As for me, I am completely and utterly exhausted. The Pumpkin is still sick, although she no longer has a fever. Instead, she is congested and stuffy, with a runny nose and regular coughing fits that break my heart. She is also very uncomfortable and frustrated, which is extra fun in the middle of the night.

Last night, Londo tried to take the night shift to give me a break. But he could not get her back to sleep after 3 hours. Finally, I went in to give it a try, because you know I wasn't sleeping much through her off and on wailing.

I'm sad to say that she didn't do much better for me. I rocked her, walked with her, tried to lie down with her, sung to her, vented with her and tried so many things. But nothing worked--she simply could not get comfortable and fall asleep. I was up with her for two hours.

But guess what she did during those two hours? She threw the most magnificent tantrum that I've ever seen her throw! Oh, it brought me back to my childhood tantrums (yes, I admit I threw some, and possibly still do). She was on the ground on her hands and knees whining and yelling. There was nothing specifically wrong, just that she was so tired and frustrated and uncomfortable and sick and, well, everything was wrong. So I let her throw her fit. I tried to soothe her, but mostly I just was there for her. Really, I wish I had a camera at the time, because it was a truly perfect tantrum.

It ended when she kicked over the humidifier, which spilled water all over her carpet. I pulled her out of the way, ran to get towels, and started mopping up the floor. She sat there a bit stunned. I was finally able to pick her back up and rock with her.

I took a tip from my friend hedra and started doing a litany, in a soothing, calm voice, about all the things that were wrong for her right then. I had tried it previously, and it seemed to work, but then I stopped. This time, I did a longer litany of everything I could think of, and it really worked! (THANK YOU, HEDRA!!) Then I moved right into signing some soothing songs that she likes to hear (Leaving on a Jet Plane usually calms her down).

Finally (FINALLY!), she started falling asleep. I continued rocking for a half hour or so. And from 4:15 to 7:15 I slept in the glider/recliner with her on me, shifting every half hour or hour, but thankfully asleep.

I feel as exhausted as the newborn days. I have barely slept at all in the last four nights. I badly need some sleep, even a nap, but I'm insanely busy at work and have to keep going. Mostly, I feel awful for my poor little girl who is so sick and tired and frustrated and uncomfortable. I hope she gets better soon.

On the bright side (you knew I would go there, didn't you?), I did make it in time for my big (but short) presentation with some muckety-mucks this morning. They told me I did an excellent job, so I guess I can present well while sleep walking!


Becoming Mommy said…
Sorry she's so sick! Hope she gets better soon.
JAB said…
I am convinced! You are SuperWoman! This mother is giving you a standing ovation! (Oh! And a high-five for Londo for doing his part, as well!)
Cloud said…
Congrats on having the presentation go well. I hope Pumpkin gets better soon, and lets you SLEEP!
Charisse said…
Awww, poor pumpkin, poor Caramama!!! I hope she gets well fast, and you don't get the bug.

I think some of our most spectacular tantrums ever were during toddler-era winter illnesses, capped off by the drug-assisted one Mouse had while starting to recover from RSV in the hospital. Take sick 20-month-old with usual level of tantrumminess; add albuterol and prednisalone; force to keep annoying gizmo in nose and another clamped to toe; attach to crib by 6-foot leash; heal just enough to have a little energy but not to take out the oxygen cannula, and watch the sparks fly. :-P Hangeth in there, you know you are awesome!!!
Anonymous said…
Sorry your night was so rough! Hope Pumpkin feels better soon and you get a good night's rest tonight!

Also ... sorry we got cut off earlier. I guessed that you were close to home anyway. Email me a good time/day for lunch!
HeatherY said…
You poor guys. I'm so sorry Pumpkin is so sick! Hopefully she will feel better soon and everyone can get some sleep. Congrats on making it to your presentation! There is always a brightside to everything!
paola said…
Poor you!! Am very impressed with the humidifier episode! Hope she didin't hurt her tootsies. Will definitely read the link to Hedra's Litany. Good luck with tonight.
Karen said…
Poor Pumpkin, and poor parents. Hope she feels better soon, those long nights aren't good for anyone.
hedra said…
Oy. Yeah, them are the spectacular tantrums. I remember having a few myself, so ... yeah.

Glad the litany helped. I know I just feel off-kilter after a useless unresolved tantrum (on either party's part), and the litany also helps ME feel like I'm back in tune. Makes for a better day, even if still exhausted.

Glad the presentation went well. I swear moms could out-act anyone ("hi, I'm acting like I had a good night's sleep.") heh.
Rudyinparis said…
What a trooper you are! A trooper with a great sense of humor.

Younger had her best tantrum EVER the other night, too. Not because of a cold (oh, a toddler with a cold, the worst) but just because she had woken up out of a sleep and was FURIOUS about it and could not be comforted. The fury of a two and a half year old is, truly, awe-inspiring.
BisBink said…
Sorry to hear that the Pumpkin is sick. I hope she gets better soon.
z said…
Awww poor pumpkin and you. I hope today and tonight is better for you guys and that she gets better soon.
Trannyhead said…
Believe me I feel your pain. Sumo just got over another bout of a virus that causes symptoms like hand/foot/mouth ... i.e. blisters in the mouth or throat. He screamed and screamed for like four solid nights.

Good times.

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