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You Know Who You Are

Dear Friend Who Lives Halfway Around the World and Must Have Had Your Baby By Now But Hasn't Emailed or Called,

I totally understand how busy you must be with a new baby! I really really do! You probably barely have time for a shower, let alone get on email and send me the news and pictures I'm so deperate for. But I need to know you are okay and that the baby is okay! I will even be happy with a short email without a picture! Just give me some news of you!

I see on my analytics that someone from the country and city where you live checked my blog yesterday, and it was not a new visitor. I don't usually get visits from that country other than you. So I think that maybe you had a chance to hop online, and maybe you even opened my blog! I can only hope that you got my email begging for an update. And yet, no reply.

I am dying to know how you are, how the baby is, that everything is okay, that you are doing alright. I'm so worried that something bad happened and that's w…

The Truth About Sarah Palin

I hope that Sarah Palin doesn't mind that I'm about to reveal her secret identity. She must have known when she went into something as public as politics that we would eventually find out.

Sarah Palin is really... Wonder Woman!!

I mean it! Have you seen her? Look at this picture of her! It's so obvious!

When McCain's speech kept getting interrupted by protestors last night, I kept waiting for her to go off to a corner, whip those glasses off and spin around a few times to make her hair tumble down and her leotard appear!

Here is my proof:
1. There is apparently some speculating that Palin's glasses are fake (and a commenter on that link realized the truth too!) and always seems to wear her hair up JUST LIKE WONDER WOMAN.
2. She flew from Texas to Alaska while in labor. I don't care if it wasn't active labor, that is freaking amazing!
3. I once saw her flying in her invisible plane. See? Absolute proof.

I don't care if they say they have researched her com…

Going Out Clothes

When I was getting ready to go out to dinner and drinks with DC Area people, I searched through my entire closet for something good to wear. Last time, when we met at the zoo, I wore shorts, a t-shirt and a baseball hat. This time, I wanted to show that I can look good. I really do know how to dress to go out on the town!

But as I looked through my closet, I could not find The Perfect Thing. During this search (and multiple trying on of different shirts, I had the following conversation with my dear husband:

caramama: Why don't I have any cute "going out" shirts anymore?
Londo: Because you grew out of them and didn't buy anymore because you are a mom now and don't wear those clothes anymore.
cm: Silent and glaring.
L: I mean, because they were old and you just haven't had time to replace them.

I like the second answer better, even if the first is more true.

DC Area Dinner Out Wrap Up

Saturday night, I had the pleasure of getting together withsomebloggers and Ask Moxie commenters (Hi Zaimah!) and their spouses. We met in Bethesda, just outside of DC, for dinner, drinks, desert, and a lot of good conversation. I really liked the restaurant, which was a nice restaurant that was also very child friendly (not that I brought my child, but it's a good thing to note for future evenings out). However, I LOVED the company.

Hedra was able to capture a lot of how I felt in her post about the meet up, but I'll go into it from my perspective. What struck me the most was that I felt like I didn't have to put on any sort facade. Not that I do much of that IRL anyway, but these people have read my ramblings on my site and in comments on their sites or others. These people have a pretty good knowledge of how I parent and what I think about, well, everything. They know that I'm a bit of hippy, that I have an adorable and fussy daughter who I love so much, that I'…

Question of the Week: Phobias

I'm temporarily sitting on the fourth floor of the client site where I work, rather than The Basement. I could deal with the cubicle, the lack of windows, the mildew, and even the mice. I could not, however, continue to deal with the roaches bigger than my thumb. There were not everywhere (that we know of), but when one was dead or dying we would see it. I did my best to avoid seeing them, and I tried to live in my bubble world where they didn't exist. But every time I walked into the building, my heart rate would go up. With every step down into The Basement, my stress levels would rise. The whole time I was working in my cube, I felt like I was living in Code Orange, with all the anxiety that goes along with that. I kept my feet tucked in my chair all day and avoided going to the bathroom for as long as possible.

You see, I have entomophobia, a fear of insects. I don't mean that I don't like icky bugs. I don't mean that I think bugs are gross and I'd rather no…

Betchfest Rant

At the request of anonymous, the Betchfest Rant has been removed. She appreciated all of the supportive comments and is taking them to heart, but she was concerned that the mentioned party might find it.

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone in the U.S. is having a nice day off! Although we all know that once you have kids, you never exactly get a day off. Just like you never get to sleep in anymore. But for those of us who work or have partners who work, it's usually a nice change of pace.

I'm postponing this week's Question of the Week until tomorrow both because of the holiday and because I want to give everyone a chance to comment on the Betchfest rant by anonymous that I'm hosting. So please, go give anonymous some love, and have a great Labor Day.

*The Betchfest Rant has been removed by anonymous's request.