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On Second Thought, Two May Be Too Much

The Pumpkin is really at such an amazing age/stage. Londo and I are so very much in love with her, and it's incredible how much that love grows every day. We had great fun with her last week and over the weekend. In addition, I'm feeling so much better at this stage of pregnancy. I've just entered my 8th month, and I am big and tired and achy, but really good otherwise.

So on Sunday, we were out in our beautiful backyard, enjoying a lovely afternoon after the Pumpkin actually napped, letting the dog run around, the Pumpkin climb and slide, and gently swaying on the glider. I turned to Londo and said, "Maybe three." He looked at me and answered, "Maybe."

I've talked about how I don't enjoy being pregnant (I believe I used the word "hate") and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that the only way I think I can make it through this pregnancy is to truly believe this is my last child. I always thought I wanted 3, but that was before I had 1. We were still planning to not do anything permantent for another 4 or 5 years after this one is born, just in case.

But it's still amazing to me that I'm pregnant and have a highly active toddler and I actually said out loud "Maybe 3." AND that Londo agreed!

And then... yesterday happened. The nanny was sick, so I stayed home and watched the Pumpkin in the morning. Things went mostly well, although she was quite cranky all day. Londo came home to watch her in the afternoon. She wouldn't nap and was getting more and more fussy. That type of fussy when she says she wants something but then flips out when you try to give it to her (NOOOOOOOO! Aghggg!), and when you get the offending item out of her eyesight, she freaks out wanting it again (I WAAAAANNNNN! I WANNNN! Gimme!!)*. Good times.

At one point in the late afternoon of a very long day, I walk back into the family room as she's have another tantrum. I just shake my head and say to Londo, "Did I say 3? I didn't mean it." Londo responded, "Neither did I."

Ask me again in a week, a month, a year, 4 years. I have a feeling the answer is going to depend on how the kids are behaving during that time period.

*As a side note, the "Noooooooo"s, "Gimme"s and "I Waaant"s drive me nutty. We are working very hard on "No, thank you" and "May I please have" (she says "peese haaave?" very sweetly). She's pretty good about stopping her vocal outbursts and repeating the polite phrases we tell her, but she doesn't yet think of these things first. We'll keep working on it.


OneTiredEma said…
I switch back and forth all the time. Really. It won't necessarily go away :-)
ImpostorMom said…

They are driving me crazy as well. Of course I have resorted to a much less mature way of deflecting them lately. I start with my whiny list of wants. "I want a million dollars, I want a new house, I want a new computer, I want a new kitchen, I want some new shoes, I want world peace." Usually Boog's laughing at me by that time and has pretty much forgotten about what he "wants" I suppose we should try and teach him some of that other polite stuff too. ;)
Cloud said…
@ImposterMom- I think your approach is actually great, because it teaches that adults have things they want and can't have, too!

I know we're done with 2. It IS amazing to watch Pumpkin develop and learn new things. I'm sure I'll enjoy it with #2, too. But I can't imagine being pregnant again. And I think 2 newborn phases may be all I have in me....

Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy! BTW, I ordered that Lush cream you recommended. I'm waiting for it to come.
HeatherY said…
We are going through that hollering stage too and constantly reminding her to ask nicely. I think it takes time for them to really get it. My husband is actually done with one at the moment. We'll see where we are at a year from now and review the situation.

Baby Boy will be here soon. YAY! I'm so excited for you!
Anonymous said…
Somedays Monkey works hard at being an only child. I'm with you on the WANTS, MINE, NO and THAT! More than those is the tone that goes with them. UGH. I absolutely HATE, utterly HATE the whining.

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