Monday, February 16, 2009

Question of the Week - Spring Cleaning

First, I wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing SOOO much better. The past two days I've really been feeling good. I'm sure it's because of a combination of the things I've been doing and the fact that my in-laws are here helping us with household projects.

And the projects we have are big ones. Like spring cleaning on steriods! Londo has a master plan for the basement, and I have one for the bedrooms. Both of our plans were dependent on shelves being put up in our storage room. I've been dying to get moving on our big plans, not just because of the coming baby and room change for the Pumpkin, but also because it's almost spring and I get spring-cleaning fever!

And the question of the week is:

What spring cleaning is on you honey-do list this year?

Saturday, Londo and his dad built fantastic shelves in the storage room. Then Londo and his dad moved all the bins and boxes back in and organized the room! Yesterday, Londo spent the day using a heavy-duty steam cleaner on the basement rug to give it a thorough cleaning from the cat pee and poop (and he moved the litter boxes out of the basement and into his office, where the cat can access easier--but this is a whole other post). Finally, we will be able to use our basement again!

My projects have begun with help from my mom over the past few weekends, but a lot of things I have needed to go into the storage room. Now, they can go! So yesterday, my MIL and I boxed up baby/toddler clothes that the Pumpkin has outgrown and we started going through other boxes to get things out for the Pumpkin's new room and for the spring yard sale in my neighborhood. My MIL also finished cleaning out the closet in the guest room so we can now move the stuff from the closet in the Pumpkin's new room to the guest room closet. Soon, we'll clean out the rest of the room and get it ready to make it the Pumpkin's new room! (I have a really complex project that involves shifting a lot of things around and packing up pretty breakables to make the entire house child-friendly!)

What about you? Do you have any spring cleaning hopes or plans, big or small? I'm in the mood to talk cleaning, organizing and decorating!