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May Meet Up Final Details

DC area folks! I've got finalized details!

First, for those who haven't already read the general plan, I will copy it below (originally in this post). For those who didn't see my last comment on that post, I had totally spaced out when I came up with the time and forgot that I have a Water Babies class with the Pookie from 10:30 to 11:00!

Not to fear, I have come up with a plan and coordinated it with the Be with me Children's Playseum! Here are the updated details (for links, please go to the previous post, since I don't have time to re-link everything):

Who's Invited: Anyone in the DC area who is interested (bloggers, commenters, Ask Moxie readers and silent lurkers), spouses* and kids
-Day: Saturday, May 8
-Times: 10:30 and 12:30
-Place: Be with Me Children's Playseum in Bethesda
-Cost: $5 per person, any age
-Other Info: Be sure to read the Safety Policies, Playseum Manners, Sickness Policies and Food Allergy Awareness pages! This place isn't like the At P…

The Maestro

When the Pookie wakes up in the morning (some mornings, like this morning, at 5:00!) and wakes up from his naps, he almost always spends about 30 minutes playing in his crib. He's done this pretty much since we moved him into the crib in his nursery around 6 months old.

We have never experienced anything like that before. A child playing quietly by himself/herself in his/her own safe and secure crib? Without screaming for someone to come in and rescue him/her? Easily entertains and amused by himself/herself? Unheard of! Needless to say, we have been thrilled and try to encourage it.

We had a really nice mobile hanging over the crib for a while, but when he could reach it and sit up, he was tearing it down so we took it down. This was one of those mobiles that has two parts, and we were able to take down the hanging part but leave the music box part in the crib. We had had that music box in crib for the Pumpkin once we took down the mobile part of it, but she pretty much never playe…

Is It Only Wednesday?

This has been a crazy week. My husband has his super important annual meeting (of some sort or another) tomorrow, and each year it requires a LOT of preparation on his part and his team's part. So he's been working late every night this week. And although he was able to help me out a little this morning, it's pretty much been me and the kids for the past few days straight.

We've been having a really fun time! Whenever I get to do the late afternoons with the kids, I have so much fun. Our mornings almost always feel so rushed and hectic, with me trying to get everyone ready for the day and fed breakfast and then getting the Pumpkin and myself out the door. In the afternoons, I pick up the Pumpkin and come home to the Pookie. The nanny leaves, and we have snacks and play inside or in the back yard. I make some dinner, we eat and then get ready for bed.

I do get some help at bedtime, since both kids need a person with them until they are asleep (though, sometimes the Pooki…

Question of the Week - Monster Mash

Lions and tigers and bears? Those are nothing! Zombies and werewolves and ghosts? Now we're talking about some scary things! The mythical have always been more terrifying to me than mere ferocious animals. Though sometimes the terrifying has a romantic flip side or intriguing survival scenerios or some other aspect that we can't help but find fascinating.

This week's question of the week is:

What mythical creature do you have an affinity for?

For me, it's vampires. It's always been vampires. Before Edward Cullen was a twinkle in Stephanie Meyer's eye, I was hooked on Bram Stoker's Dracula. I read Anne Rice's Vampire Trilogy (it was orinigally a trilogy!) before Brad Pitt even heard of Louis de Pointe du Lac. I loved The Vampire Diaries way before the CW even existed as the WB, let alone thought of making those books into a show*. Before Buffy became a household name, I was one of the few who couldn't get enough of the campy Buffy the Vampire Slayer mov…