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Showing posts from February 6, 2011

Oh, The Drama!

A few weeks ago, the Pumpkin's school sent home a flier for the after-school classes they were going to offer. I'd just been thinking about signing her up for some classes, but timing is such an issue with Londo and I working full time outside the house. So classes right there at her school while she is there for after-hours care anyway? Sign us up!

There were two classes available for her age, Art Class and Drama Class. At the moment, we are (still) totally strapped for moolah, so we could only sign her up for one class at her school (I had already told her I would sign her up for dance classes, and that's outside of her school). I believe both Londo and I were ready to just sign her up for the Art Class, knowing how much she always has loved art. But I had the thought that we should offer her both and let her pick.

I told her that her school was offering Art Class or Drama Class, and she could pick one. She asked what drama was, and when I explained that it was pretend pl…

And Least Poop Wasn't All Over the Crib

This morning, the Pookie woke up and played in his crib for a while, like he does the majority of his mornings. (This is such an unbelievable phenomena in our house, since the Pumpkin NEVER did that.)

The Pumpkin was already awake, so she and I went to the nursery door to go get him up and out of the crib. Not only does the Pumpkin love to go get him (and has before gone in without me before I was ready to get him), but she knows the routine. On our way down the hall, she said, "I'll open the door, and you get Pookie out and change his diaper and then he and I can go play!"

So she opened the door... and...

That baby was in the middle of getting naked! For the first time ever, he had unzipped his sleeper and was pulling his arms out of it. For a second, I thought, how cute! But then I realized that his boy parts were hanging out of the front, unzipped part.

Um, where was his diaper?

That's went I realized the normal routine, which the Pumpkin had outlined so nicely, wa…

Question of the Week - Next Level of Shows

Before I talk about the Pumpkin's developmental growth more, I want to clarify that reasoning doesn't always work. But I would say that over 50% of the time it does, and those are winning odds in my book!

Something else that has come along with her development spurt are new shows. My girl has always liked certain shows, but gets bored with the same episodes and even same shows after a while. She likes new, different and varieties.

So when she was home sick for two weeks and we watched a lot of TV (because she was too sick to do much else for a lot of that time), she got very bored with the same old shows. She had seen the Dora and Diego episodes that were On Demand way too many times. She was feverish and listless and BORED.

One afternoon, I realized that I had to find her some new shows to spark her interest and keep her entertained while she couldn't run around. It occurred to me that her recent development meant that she was probably ready for some shows at the next leve…