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Question of the Week - Superbowl Commercials (and My Weekend Woes)

Hey, internetters! Sorry I've been neglectful. It wasn't on purpose. My internet went down sometime on Saturday and has stayed down. So I didn't get to do a Cara Mama post yesterday, but it would have gone something like this "Cara Mama, wah wah wah... But I wanna play with the trash bag... ha ha ha... I love to be tickled... wah wah wah... I don't wanna go back to sleep... The clingiest, fussiest baby in the world (I'm too tired to figure out the Italian for this), Pumpkin"

But this is nothing new. In general, we had a really good weekend. My niece's birthday party was so much fun, and water babies on Sunday was a ton of fun. The mornings were very good, and she had one long nap each day. BUT she had only one nap each day (can you say transition time?) and had a melt down each night in the evening. She seems to be so tired--she has been a bit klutzy, especially yesterday evening. Each time she get a little bump, she gives some heartfelt crying instead of the usual brushing it off with nary a thought. I will save this morning's issues for tomorrow's post. For now, let's just move on...

Did everyone enjoy the Superbowl? I did not stay up for the critical 4th quarter, and missed quite a bit here and there because of Pumpkin-care. I'm not heartbroken, because I'm not a fan of either team. But I saw a lot of it, and some funny commercials. I caught commercials I missed this morning online (I love the internet). Which leads us to this week's Question of the Week:

What was your favorite Superbowl commercial?

You don't have to limit your answer to this year. But if you want to see some of this years best commercials (which were only okay overall), click here.

This year, I enjoyed the Bridgestone with the squirrel in the road, the Tide with the screaming stain, and (even though I can't stand him) the Will Ferrell Bud Light commercial. Last year, I LOVED the Taco Bell lion commercial. Of course, the best Superbowl commercials were Apple 1984 commercial and the Budweiser clydesdale 9/11 tribute ( is apparently the only place on the internet where I can find a video of that one). Oh, and speaking of Budswiser clydesdale commercials, I also loved this one from 2003.

How about you?


ImpostorMom said…
Since I didn't watch the super bowl I had to check online and I think my favorite is definitely the FedEx one with the pigeons. Hysterical.

I'm also a big fan of Richard Simmons being in danger and Justin Timberlake getting whacked in the head with a flat screen. :)
Becoming Mommy said…
the pigeon one this year was the best!
-KZ said…

i also liked the gobble-de-gook talking/distracting stain. i think i may try that at my meeting tomorrow. except i'm not a stain. seems like something Michael Scott would do. :-)

most of the bud commercials were stupid except for the Will Ferrell one.
bisbink said…
Of the ones I saw last night, I would have to say the coke commercial with Stewie, Underdog and Charlie Brown. I will have to check out the rest after the Main Man is asleep tonight.
La folle maman said…
Thanks for posting the link to all of the commercials. I was working pretty the entire night and didn't have time to catch the game or the commercials.

So after reviewing most of them, I have to say I like the E-trade commercials with the baby and the Clown/baby pukes the most, followed by the Will Ferrell one and the Bridgestone one with the squirrel. What can I say, I'm a sucker for babies and animals!
Anonymous said…
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