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Things Are Looking Up

In this roller coaster that is life, we are heading back upward. This is in large part due to five things:
1. I adjusted my expectations.
2. The nanny is wonderful, and the one-on-one care is really working out well for the Pumpkin.
3. The dog is fine!!!
4. The Pumpkin's first molar FINALLY poked through.
5. Londo is back home.

Wednesday night, I adjusted my expectations. I wanted to be sure to shower, but I couldn't count on her going to sleep in time for me to do so. So, I took the advice (given to me sometime within the last year) of a good family friend who has five boys, and I showered in the baby's bathroom while the baby* was in the tub! We have a sprayer that we can use instead of the showerhead, and the holder is low enough that I could kneel under it and water would not spray in the Pumpkin's eyes. By kneeling, I was close enough to the baby to be able to interact and wash her up too. She played with her bath toys and kept looking at me laughing. It was silly and fun and we both got clean!

The next expectation I adjusted was how long it would take me to get her to sleep. I went in with the expectation that it would definitely take longer than an hour. And that was okay. I also kept in my head different things to try, but kept returning to nursing, which is usually the way she drifts off to sleep the best. I proud to say that I didn't get frustrated and was able to get her to sleep after 1.5 hours. Not bad, considering the night before it was 3.5! I really think that my frustration the previous night just feed her inability to calm down and go to sleep. So this was much better.

She woke only once, at 3:30. I went in with the expectation that it would probably take an hour, maybe more, to get her back to sleep. And that I would need to walk her around bouncing her. This is the hardest way to calm her down for me, but the easiest and often best way for her. My back, legs and arms were very sore, but I didn't concentrate on that. (Instead, I worked on decorating our family room in my head--it's what I do.) After 45 minutes, I thought she was asleep enough to be put in her crib. But I thought to myself the whole time I was lowering her, "It's okay if she wakes up. It's okay if she wakes up." Luckily, she didn't wake up. But I think I would have been okay if she did.

The next morning, she slept until almost 7:00! We had a good morning, and I was even able to do the final things to get the house ready for the cleaning lady. The nanny has been great, and it's very apparent that the one-on-one care she is getting is really good for her at this particular stage of her development and for her temperment. We are very fortunate that this is all working out.

The dog's surgery went well, and she is recovering well. Best of all, the lump was only a fatty build up, therefore it does not even need to be biopsied! It's definitely not cancerous! As a side bonus, this means the surgery cost less than we were expecting. When I got this news, I felt such a huge relief. I had been trying not to think about it, but my subconscious was apparently worrying more that I was letting myself realize. My poor sweet dog will still have a bit of recovery to do from the surgery, but apparently the growth was so easily removed and the surgery so easy on her body, her recovery should go pretty smoothly. I will keep praying all goes well, though, and not expect it to be an overnight recovery. Adjusting expectations.

Also yesterday, the Pumpkin's first molar broke through and Londo got back in the evening. So last night, the Pumpkin slept through the night! This was especially good for Londo, who was exhausted from his trip. And let's face it, if she had woken, he would have been the one to get her no matter what time of night. Cause I needed the break and there was no changing that expectation!!! Fortunately, she slept until 6:15, and we had another great morning. Dog is doing well. Nanny came over and is fantastic. Londo is taking the day off of work to rest and catch up on household stuff. I'll be able to work late and get more off my plate. I was also able to run errand yesterday evening while hubby watched the kiddo, and then I worked for a couple hours after she was in bed.

So things are looking up, and I'm looking forward to our busy weekend, including a Mother's Day breakfast with my family.

*I'm still calling her a baby! You can't make me stop!


La folle maman said…
Good to hear things are looking up and that your night went better. Have a very happy Mother's Day!
Colleen said…
*phew!* so glad to hear things got better!!!

Amazing how much easier it is to handle difficulties in life when you adjust your expectations and perceptions...I need to do that more often myself.

I'm also VERY glad to hear about your dog...that is a relief. We went through nearly 2 years of surgeries and recoveries. It was tough and I'd never wish that on anyone.
Glad things are getting better. Amazing what a little sleep can do for a person!

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