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Cara Figlia - 18 Months Old

Cara mia ragazzina,

Last Thursday, you turned 18 months old. That is a year and a half! You are now closer to 2 years old than you are to 1. Time has just been flying by overall. And you are growing so quickly, I feel like I can barely keep up.

You are talking so much, and running and climbing too. You are discovering more and more every day. You are capable of things now that you couldn't do even weeks before. For example, in the past few days you figured out how to put the rings on the toy that you couldn't quite figure out even a week ago. I just know that within a few more days of working on the shape sorter you will have it figured out, too.

Last week, you slept through the night 6 nights in a row! We were so relieved to have a break. We didn't think it would last, since none of the other phases where you sleep through the night have lasted. One was for about a month, but usually it's about a week or a few days. And sure enough, the past two nights you have been awake and obviously uncomfortable and unhappy. So your daddy and I are back to cosleeping until morning. This is not so bad on the weekend mornings, but I hope that you go back to sleeping through the night now that it's a week night. It's just so much easier for Mama and Daddy to get ready in the mornings by ourselves with you sleeping in your crib.

I think it's those last two molars still working their way down. One edge of those big teeth are just poking through, and there is a whole lot more teeth to come out. But once those are in, you should have all your teeth for a while. As Daddy pointed out recently, you've been teething since 3.5 months. That's a long time, and you are not an easy teether!

But you are absolutely adorable and happy and active and fun and funny. You are also fussy and demanding and tantrum-throwing and whiny and frustrating. You have your own personality, your own likes and dislikes, and your own ideas. It's amazing to watch you grow and see how your personality develops. Your personality traits have been pretty obvious to your daddy and I since your birth, but it still amazes us to watch how the world around you shapes your personality even more. I hope we are helping you and guiding you in ways you that you will appreciate.

These last 18 months have been the most amazing and most difficult of my entire life. And they have been, without a doubt, the best 18 months of my life. Grazie, mia carina. Thank you, my little darling. Thank you for being my beautiful little girl, and thank you for a wonderful year and a half.

Ti amo con tutti cuore,


AmyinMotown said…
Very very sweet. And I seriously don't think there is a creature as darling on this planet as an 18-month old. Especially an 18-month-old girl (although I reserve the right to change my mind when my boy is there in about a year). It's just so much fun to watch them engage with the world and everything is just so AMAZING to them, but they still have that baby sweetness.

Amazing, difficult, and the best ever -- about sums up motherhood, I think!
Anonymous said…
For seven nights in a row, she gets a free set of steak knives, right?
Watching them grow up is fascinating, isn't it? I just wrote something similar on my blog for le Petit. I love watching his personality express itself in new ways, even as it stays essentially the same as at birth. Sometimes I think he's taught me at least as much as I've taught him.

Especially in the last few months, there are so many things that I suddenly notice le Petit doing that I am sure he hadn't done just days before. Climbing on the couch! Pointing out pictures in books! Repeating words! Stacking blocks! I need to start writing it all down before I forget when and how all these miracles occurred.

Happy 18-month birthday, Pumpkin!
paola said…
Ah, 18 months was the turning point for both my kids. Noah's vocabulary really took off then and he started getting much more physical. Zoe too started to get much more determined and started throwing tantrums, I mean, bigger tantrums that brought the house down. And did I mention sleep regression? And I stupidly thought it would end with the 75 week WW. God the 18 month one was a beauty, and there has been another one since then. I don't think Zoe has napped for more than 1.5 hours at a time since 17.5 months. Good luck with the pumpkin
ImpostorMom said…
It is amazing how fast they grow and change. I can't get over that Boog is almost 2! 2! how on earth did that happen? I swear it was just yesterday he was turning one.
Shellie said…
It's so fun to read how she's growing up! What a fun age!

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