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Showing posts from May 3, 2009

Animal Shorts

I might have mentioned before that my cat was not using his litter boxes consistently (or at all). Well, we tried many different ways to rectify the situation, and FINALLY I think we've found something that works.

We moved his litter boxes to the upstairs floor in Londo's office, got one of those self-cleaning boxes in addition to his other 2-3 boxes, and raised the babygate at the stairs that lead to the office enough for the cat and only the cat to go under. We also steam-cleaned the basement playroom's rug (many times) and scrubbed down the storage room area where his litter boxes had been located. And by "we" in this paragraph, I mean Londo. (Isn't he wonderful?) Although I did help with the ideas, planning and oversight. ;-)

As long as we are sure to keep the basement door shut and all soft objects (clothing, towels, rugs) off of uncarpeted floors (the hardwood and tile floors), and Londo is sure to keep his litter box clean, the cat goes in his litter bo…

The Pumpkin is Enrolled in Pre-School!

So, I finally did it. I got the application and enrollment fee into the pre-school we have picked out so the Pumpkin can start in the Fall.

We visited the pre-school back in March and liked it well enough. It's not a Montessori school, but they do have some Montessori activities and educational methods, so at least the Pumpkin will have some exposure to that method. I still really love the Montessori method and school we visited, but to lay it out there, we simply can't afford it. We possibly have somehow made it work if it were just the Pumpkin whose daytime care we had to pay for, but with the boy on the way, there is no way we can afford that school at this time.

But that's okay. Because this school is really nice and extremely convienent, and we think the Pumpkin will do great there.

When we visited, we went on a Friday afternoon and brought the Pumpkin with us (as they recommended). We watched her interact with other kids, run around the room, sit at the table with th…

No Fresh, Hot Peanuts Here

On Sunday, Londo and I decided to try the Pumpkin with a tiny bit of peanut butter to see how she did. We have not exposed her to any nuts since we wanted to wait until we felt she could communicate if there was a problem. She is definitely verbally advanced enough now to communicate issues with us, so we thought we'd go ahead and try her on a weekend afternoon when we would both be there in case things did not go well.

I pulled out some crackers, organic peanut butter and some jelly to fix PBJ crackers for me and told the Pumpkin that I had a snack. She loves the crackers, so she climbed up into her booster seat and asked for some crackers. I gave her some and offered her a little bit of peanut butter on a spoon. She didn't want to try it, so we didn't push. But she always wants to try what I'm eating, so I made myself some PBJ crackers.

She eyed me a little, while eating her crackers. Then she held out her cracker and basically asked to try some peanut butter. So I p…

Question of the Week - I Wish I Was Better About That

I like to think that in general I'm a good friend, family member and worker. But I know I'm not perfect. And in some areas, I'm waaaaaaaay off from perfect. Mostly, I'm okay with my faults, as they are a part of me and at least I own up to them. But there are some areas of etiquette that I really wish I could be better about, and yet I continue to be bad at them.

So this week's question of the week is what do you wish you were better about doing?

For me, it's things like responding to others. I'm bad at thank you cards, which my mom reminded me recently because I need to send one to my Grandma. (For all those gifts that people have given me and the Pumpkin, I really do appreciate them even if you never received a card!!! Maybe you can consider this the thank you?)

I'm bad about responding to email that people send me, at least right away, though I usually do eventually. I'm also bad about posting on topics in a timely manner when people ask me to wri…