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Happy New Year and My Love for Neil Gaiman

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2008 has started off better for you than it has for us. I know you're thinking, "Did that baby keep you guys up all night again?" After all, I did state that the only way I would be up at midnight was if the baby woke us. (Am I an amatuer at this? Don't I know by now not to tempt the God of Sleep?!?! What was I thinking?) It turns out, that wasn't true. We were woken shortly after midnight by my mom's dog, who is staying with us while they are visiting other relatives.

That's right, my house currently contains an upset cat who is peeing on stuff, a whiny dog who keeps trying to lick the baby in the face, a visiting dog who wants to chase the cat (making the cat more upset), a 9.5 month old baby who is in a fussy period, and two very grumpy, very tired adults.

Happy New Year!

The Pumpkin actually slept until 4:00, went back to sleep pretty easily with me (have I mentioned how much I love nursing lying down?), but then woke up at 5:50 and wouldn't really go back to sleep, due to another round of The Fidget Hour. I'm surprisingly not exhausted, but Londo is more crotchety than ever, thanks to visiting dog!

On a much brighter note, today begins the To Be Read Challenge 2008! I'm really excited to start this, and I have high hopes and a lot of good books that have just been sitting around waiting for me to read! For January, I'm going to read Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys. I did say there was a story behind each of these books, so I will now relate the story behind this one.

I love Neil Gaiman. I've loved Neil Gaiman for longer than I've known my husband. I discovered Neil Gaiman through my brother, who has introduced me to so many good writers, books, movies and comic books. That's right, I said comic books (I'm a bit of a geek*). Or in the case of Neil Gaiman, graphic novels. Neil Gaiman wrote The Sandman comic books/graphic novels (speaking of the God of Sleep), which are incredible. He has also written quite a few novels, including Anansi Boys. Neil Gaiman is extremely imaginative, coming up with new and unique plots, and he is dark, delving into places of the mind and psyche that many dare not go.

Even if you don't like the science fiction/fantasy genre, there are a few sci-fi/fantasy novels that are such amazing books that they transend the genre and are just great books period**. The way Battlestar Galactica is more than just a great sci-fi show--it's a great show. One of these books is Neil Gaiman's American Gods. It's one of the best books out there, and I recommend it to everyone.

So, my point is I love Neil Gaiman and everything he's written. This book came out in 9/2005, and I bought it shortly after. That's right, over 2 years ago. Londo read it right away and proclaimed it another excellent book by Neil Gaiman. But I still haven't read it. Why not? Why wouldn't I read one of my favorite authors? It was because I Wasn't Myself! This was one of those things I simply wasn't in the mood for. Now, I'm back to being mostly myself, so it's the first one I've selected from the stack to read. Cause I missed me, and I missed Neil Gaiman!

*Before ImpostorMom argues, I will just fess up that I'm a HUGE geek, especially in the area of sci-fi/fantasy/comics. Those of you who are not into these things, I challenge you to expand your horizons and discover the amazing stories that reflect our world in the form of other worlds. I've got a whole schpiel, but this isn't the time for it.
**My number 1 example of this type of book is Orson Scott Card's Enders Game, which I've recommended to many people who look at me skeptically because they don't like sci-fi and come back to me within the week saying they stayed up all night finishing the book. It's that good. Hmmm, I should re-read that.


-KZ said…
staying up till midnight? haha! what's that? we almost made it this year, 11:15!

amen about neil gaiman and sci-fi/fantasy. I also got started on him with The Sandman. Anansi Boys is a good book! have you read George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series? more medieval based fantasy, and very good. if you haven't, check out the first book - A Game of Thrones.

Geeks of the world unite! :-)
ImpostorMom said…
haha, huge geek indeed. I certainly have my own geek tendencies as well so who am I to talk.

I've had a serious hankering to watch the end of farscape lately.
Peace said…
My 13 year old and I read Enders Game a bit back. It was good. Although I am not a big sci-fi fan, I did enjoy reading it.
caramama said…
-kz: I did read A Game of Thrones. It was very good, but I couldn't continue the series. There was just too much going on and no wrap-ups (same reason I've stopped watching Lost, actually). I like a tighter story and some story lines to be tied up without just killing off a character, even if it's going to be a series.

But I respect the author and series. Londo has read all of them, and he tells me what is going on. So I get the satisfaction of knowing what's happening in general with the characters I like without having to wade through all the rest. Yes, it's cheating. ;-)
Go figure, I was totally awake at midnight. Not by choice, of course. The annoying fireworks freaked out the annoying dog who freaked out the Toddler and I had the wonderful opportunity to make everybody happy. While Mr. Husband slept soundly, of course. *Le sigh*

Who needs sleep anyway?

Happy New Year!
-KZ said…
yeah i can't wait until he publishes the next book - it's coming soon! i'm reading that series again for the 3rd time.

I went out today and got Ender's Game and finally got American Gods. yeah i know - why haven't i read those yet? who knows. while at the bookstore, I saw an awesome collection of The Sandman vol. 2, leather bound, very nice! 99 bucks tho, don't think i'll get clearance for that one for a while. :-(
Becoming Mommy said…
I too am a huge geek.
One of my Christmas gifts was the complete workes of HG Wells--a classic. I haven't gotten into too many scifi writers other than the standards (Heinlein, Bradbury, Asimov, Clark...). Maybe I'll give your fave author a try.
Londo said…
Gaiman is one of the best creative minds of our time and American Gods is one of the most original and well-written books I have ever read. (before you talk about hyperbole, I was an English Lit major and have read just about everything there is to read wrt classic lit.)

peace, I am also a huge fan of Orson Scott Card, and I think "Enchantment" would make a great book to read with your kid. It's a fun story.

-kz, I love the Martin books, but I confess I have had to let my enthusiasm die down a lot since he keeps pushing back his publishing deadlines. It is a hell of a story though...

becoming mommy, I love Heinlein. I have probably read "Stranger in a Strange Land" 100 times.

Anyone who hasn't read American Gods within 1 year of reading this is dead to me :)


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