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Cara Figlia - Toddler Tantrums

Cara figlia,

I love you so much, and you are wonderful, smart, creative and cuddly. But what is with the toddler tantrums? You are giving us a nice mix of the following:
-You want to do it yourself and don't want help, but you can't quite do it yourself so you freak out.
-You aren't comfortable but you are really tired and you don't know what is wrong but you are going to scream about it (we had this again last night).
-You want Mama or Daddy and only that person, but the other person is the one who comes to get you so you flip out. (In fact, you are downstairs yelling for me right now, but I really really need a break!)
-And my latest favorite, you want only the few things that your Daddy and I don't want you to have our do, and when we won't let you have it/do it, you throw a tantrum.

I knew this was coming and had lots of warning about the tough toddler years. But yeowza, this is hard! You are hard! I know it's a phase that you will get through. But then you will be in another phase (probably the terrible twos, oh joy), and then another.

Just remember, I'm only joking when I say we are going to sell you to the gypsies. I hear we can get a much better deal on eBay!

Ti amo,


Shellie said…
Oh, but if you don't sell her to the gypsies, she will never get to ride around the world in a caravan. How could you deprive her of that?
I'm Not Skippy said…
I love threats of selling the baby.

We're in trouble because our 1-year-old already jones for that which we say he can't have. If he's doing that no 2 is going to suck hard.
Anonymous said…
Yes, the toddler tantrums are a pain. But I do love this period when they're still innocent, learning so much and excited about the littlest things. I keep trying to tell myself, "When he hits puberty, THEN we're really in for it! Then we'll think, why don't you just go to college already!" That makes the tantrums better ... SOMETIMES. :)
paola said…
Have I mentioned we are still knee deep in all that you mentioned and she is now 21.5 months (today)!!. Today I actually did tell her I would sell her to gypsies, I was so over it all (I know awful actually telling the child that but hey, she doesn't understand 'gypsy' or 'sell' yet). Last night she woke 3 times between 4 and 6.30, and today she was so damn clingy, and I was so pissed oof, that I simply refused to pick her up when she asked. Good luck with the next few weeks. I know she'll be out of it soon enoguh, but I am just so fed up.
Karen said…
Let me know if the ebay thing works out. There are days when I'd like to share my wealth with others.
Cloud said…
Oh, the tantrums are so fun, aren't they? At least our Pumpkin mostly throws them at home, not when we're out at a store or anything (yet).

@I'm not Skippy- we went through tantrums first at about 1, when Pumpkin wanted into things we didn't want her to get into. We held firm, and now she doesn't try to touch the TV or come in our office. But she throws a doozy of a tantrum sometimes when we won't let her play with the garbage can. We keep telling ourselves that soon it will be like the office- protected by an invisible force field of "NO". There were several months with few tantrums between these two periods. So don't lose hope...
Ashramama said…
It's really nice to know that the prince is developmentally right along there with his (albeit internet!) peers. What really bugs me is when he throws a fit when I pick him up from the childminders and they look at me all wide-eyed and say, 'Gosh, he never does that with us - he's always all smiles and kisses and cuddles. Well, maybe he's just pleased to see you' (this, while he's running away from me as I try to get his coat on, or throwing himself on the floor and rolling away screaming, i.e. quite obviously NOT pleased to see me. At all.)

I always come away from picking him up thinking, what kind of a rubbish parent must I be if only I can induce this kind of behaviour in my child?!
Becoming Mommy said…
Poor Cara,

We just had 3 yesterday. One in Home Depot. Then in Cold Stone (Hubby wanted ice cream). Then again in Best Buy.

Ah, if only kids realized how many times they embarrass us....long before we have the ability to embarass them.

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