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Even Kid Bathing Suits Are Ridiculous

I've been annoyed with the bathing suit industry for most of my life. It's like common sense does not factor in their designs. For example, if women use band and cup sizes to find the right bra, why wouldn't bikini tops come in the same sizes? I know they usually do now, but for YEARS they came in small, medium or large, or they came in numbered sizes (size 6, 8, 10, etc.). And who doesn't know that humans often don't have the same size top as they do bottoms, so why wouldn't bathing suits always come in separate pieces?

But I thought that at least with children's bathing suits, they couldn't screw up too badly. Their just kids, so their sizes should be pretty simple. Now, I person don't like the idea of putting bikinis or even two pieces on a baby or toddler. It just doesn't look right to me. Those are adult styles designed to show off the body. IMO, children should be dressed more moderately. However, not everyone shares the same opinion, so I …

Toddler on a Train

Things are really crazy at work, and a good night's sleep is still something that exists only in my daydreams. So I'm going to be really slacking this week on posting and reading other blogs. Please know that I feel terrible about both of those things. You must know that I believe the blogging is way more important than both work and sleep, and yet I do occasionally have to prioritize work and sleep (and my family) over the blogs. I beg your pardon in this matter.

In good news, my friend (MommyEm) and her almost 17-month old girl (Dorothy) are definitely coming on vacation with us! I'm so excited! But to get to DC the day before we drive out to the beach, she will be taking a 3-hour train ride... just her and the toddler. She is (understandably) a bit nervous about how the trip will go. She will be leaving about 10:00 AM and getting in about 1:00 PM, and nap time for Dorothy is usually about 12:30, which is going to be iffy considering the excitement of the train and the tr…

Question of the Week - Choose Your Own Adventure

Between seeing Indiana Jones this weekend and reading about moms traveling with their children (A Mother's World: Journeys of the Heart), I'm feeling this pull to be adventurous. Of course, the most adventurous I'll be this week is working my butt off to meet two work deadlines and get us ready to leave for our beach vacation. But I used to be adventurous.

Question of the Week:
What is the most adventurous thing you have done (besides become a parent, because that is craziest adventure of all)?

Mine was skydiving. I really did jump out of a perfectly good airplane! It was in tandem with a pro somewhere down in the Virginia Beach area. It was exhilirating and beautiful and such an adreneline rush!

I also backpacked around Europe, sometimes venturing to places by myself over trains that arrived in the middle of the night to schetchy train stations. And I spent a week on an African island in Tunisia where me and my friend were the only Americans that almost everyone there had …

Loved Meeting the DC Area Internetters!

First, I'm going to do the Question of the Week tomorrow, because today is, you know, a holiday. Plus I really want to do a recounting of the DC Area Meet Up without worrying about the Question of the Week. And I know you all really would rather hear about the awesome ladies and gents I meet and how cute their children were, don't you?

First, it was great meeting all the lovely ladies, handsome husbands and adorable children. Everyone was nice and fun, which makes me excited to plan another get together! We definitely need to do another one, because this one was not the ideal opportunity to get to know everyone. It was crowded and we were all busy wrangling kids and trying to work around naps.

Should I admit that I knew the zoo would not be a good place to really get to know each other? I knew it. But I thought for a first meeting, it would provide us with distractions for the kids and an easy-to-find location. We would at least get to meet each other and put faces with names, a…

Cara Mama - Routine Re-instated

Cara Mama,

Yesterday was a bit rough for me. It's hard having my routine so disrupted. I had a lot of fun, and I know I was pretty good, but it was hard. So today helped a lot. I appreciate you nursing me and letting me nap a bit extra this morning. I know I was whiny, and thanks for being understanding and holding me when I needed it.

I liked having my godfather and his wife over for lunch! That was fun. I hope you had fun at the movies*. I liked having the nanny here, because she is fun and I'm used to seeing her. I really needed that 2 hour nap too. Can you believe I slept for two hour? Going down to one nap a day really makes me want to sleep longer. Hopefully, tonight's routine will go well and I'll be able to get to sleep pretty easily!

Ti amo,

*We saw the new Indiana Jones movie, which was pretty good in parts and super cheesy and a bit lame in others. Eh. But at least we went out to the movies!!