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I Don't Know Where She Learned It

The other night while standing in the bathtub (she's too busy to sit for long), the Pumpkin looked up at me and said, "Umpkin* ha boogah." Which, yes, translates to "Pumpkin has a booger."

And then? She stuck her finger up her nose!!!

I have no idea where she learned that behavior. Absolutely none! After all, I would NEVER say anything along the lines of "Come here and let Mama get that booger" while using a nail to get the slimy thing out of her nose. I'm much to refined and ladylike to ever do something like that!

Of course I always use a tissue and patiently wait for her to blow her nose into it, even though when I say blow she blows from her mouth and not her nose. I will admit that I gave up on that stupid that bulb snot sucker thingy after she screamed bloody murder for the umpteenth time!

It's just... my pinky nail fits so perfectly and I can just get it out so quickly! And I mean to use the word "snot" but sometimes perhaps the …

9/11 Stories

I really do feel better for having written down the story of my miscarriage yesterday. You people are wonderful, and I appreciate the hugs and sympathy and empathy. Thank you all for that. And in response to Dana, I will do a post soon about things to say and ways to respond when someone you know goes through a miscarriage.

Unfortunately, today is the anniversary of an event that was tragic on a much larger scale.

*Update: Please go to Burgh Baby's Mom's site today and this month. Besides having a wonderful tribute to Flight 93, she is donating ad revenue to those trying to fund a permanent memorial to the site in Shanksville, PA. Also, she's a very funny and eloquent lady.

Of course I remember where I was. I was driving to work when we lived in Georgia. I turned on the radio to hear music on my morning commute. But the station that always played music had on news. I shook my head and hoped they hadn't been bought out. I turned to another station that always played music…

My Miscarriage Story

A week ago was September 3rd. That day has particular significance for me. That was the due date for my first pregnancy. The one that ended in miscarriage. I wasn't sure I was going to write about that experience, but I have been feeling particularly down and think that perhaps it will help to share what happened. At least to get it out of my system. For now.

Do I even need to bother with a warning? Just in case...

Warning: This is a very sad post. I discuss my miscarriage and resulting D&C. If loss like this upsets you, skip this post. I'll understand.

I know people who have had multiple miscarriages, and at times I feel fortunate that I had only one miscarriage (so far). But it was still a devastating loss to me. After trying on our own for two years with no success, it took us 3 medicated IUI cycles to get pregnant that first time. All those months of disappointments, and finally, a fertilized egg that actually implanted!

I still remember how we found out. My MIL and FIL w…


First of all, let me just say how surprised I am that when I asked a bunch of internetters who read my blog what they couldn't live without, the majority of you answered The Internet! I'm shocked! Truly, that's just so out of left field! Who would have guessed?


And now to make me feel better after having gotten my arm stuck with a needle this morning and 6 vials of blood taken (but at least we'll know for sure that I'm still immune to chicken pox and rubella!), I'm going to regale you with some cute Pumpkinisms.


On Sunday, I pulled out my old hair clips that I'm obviously too old for now, and I sat down with the Pumpkin to play with them. She loved the glittery little butterfly clips in a rainbow of colors (totally 90s, but I loved them). She kept handing me ones, and I kept putting them in her hair. They didn't last too long in her hair, but now she is always asking for them.

Best part? She says the word butterfly like…

Question of the Week - Luxury You Can't Live Without

There is a joke that's been handed down in my family. A one-liner, really. My mom's dad used to say it about her, and now my parents say it about me and my sister. "She's an expensive filly to keep in the stable!" Luckily, I find it funny, not demeaning. I also know it to be true.

My family was by no means wealthy when I was growing up. I certainly have had my share of lean years by myself and with my hubby. In fact, our first year living together, while I was in grad school and he was supporting us with some low-paying job, we lived on Raman noodles, struggled to make ends meet, and really had no money for any extras. I think our biggest splurge at the time was basic cable.

But we've worked out way up, and now we have a very comfortable live. We tend to be house poor (and now child poor, too), but we have a really nice house and most of the household conveniences we could want.

We are both very lucky and work very hard. Not everyone out there is as lucky as …