Thursday, December 18, 2008

Middle of the Night Visitor

You know how the Pumpkin is not a good sleeper and needs us in the middle of the night? You know how we moved her to a twin bed? You know how she is very capable in the physical department? Well combine all that, and you get our newest sleep development.

The Pumpkin is now getting up out of her bed, opening her bedroom door, walking down the hall (we are VERY careful to make sure the gates at the stairs are closed these days), walking into our room, climbing up the stairs to our bed (they are stairs for the dog, who has a bad back and we have a very high bed), and into our bed with us.

I personally prefer this, because then (ideally) we don't have to get out of bed. Some nights, she climbs in, goes right back to sleep and sleeps most of the night! Last night she climbed in around 12:30 and slept until almost 7:00!

Of course, most nights she is fidgeting, kicking, flailing and constantly moving, as is her way. The trouble with her in our bed is that when she is moving and kicking, she is keeping both of us awake. So that part sucks. And sometimes one of us just ends up taking her into her bed and sleeping with her there.

Also, Londo isn't sure he prefers her just coming into our room, because it startles him. He said that he wakes up thinking that the toddler isn't where he left her/she is supposed to be, and it freaks him out! Plus the stairs she climbs to get in bed is on his side of the bed, so seeing her head pop up or suddenly feeling her on him is a surprise. I almost always wake up when I hear her shut her bedroom door behind her or our door behind her (she likes to shut doors). So lately, I've been waking Londo up when I hear her come into our room to give him a heads up, which seems to help.

I know eventually we will have to lead her back into her room, where she will hopefully go back to sleep by herself. But right now, with it being winter and me pregnant and her going through a tough phase, this is just easier.

So the easy way wins out again. The toddler may visit us in the middle of the night as needed for the next few months.

Is it any wonder why I'm always so exhausted?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pregnancy This Time Around

It occurred to me yesterday (when Sharina commented that she had to search back to find my announcement--and thanks, Sharina!) that I haven't been talking about my pregnancy much. But been there, done that, so I'm not as obsessive as I was with the Pumpkin. Not only is this pregnancy different from the last, but I'm also a different person in different circumstances than I was when pregnant with the Pumpkin.

The main difference is definitely that I'm not as obsessed. I'm also not as worried or stressed about this pregnancy. I still do worry, and I was especially worried until I was released from the fertility center to the OB. But in general, I'm just kind of going along and trying to get through it. I'm so busy with work and with the toddler, that it's easy to be distracted. In fact, I'm probably a little too distracted, considering I should have made my second OB appointment for last week and I still haven't called to set it up.

One major difference is that when I was pregnant with the Pumpkin, I had spotting on and off during my first trimester. This time, I haven't had that, which really helps the stress over the pregnancy.

There are other minor differences, such as this time the nausea seems to be lasting longer, and the acid reflux/heartburn has come early (making a really fantastic combination). When I was pregnant with the Pumpkin, in the first trimester I had horrible pains in my stomach in the middle of the night (I was told they were just gas pains, not really a knife stabbing my middle). I would wake up doubled over in pain and moan on the floor until they went away. I'm really REALLY happy to say I didn't get those this time.

My stomach has definately popped earlier than last time, as I was told it would. I'm at the limit of normal clothes in my closet (in the largest size I have). This weekend, I plan to pull out the box of maternity clothes and change over my closet so I don't have to see the cute little things that I can't wear anymore. I will also borrow my sister's maternity clothes, which she lent me last time. We agreed we would share the clothes so neither of us would have to buy a whole new wardrobe. We are generally the same size, except I'm shorter and needed to buy my own pants, and we like generally the same styles.

This time around, the stomach popping is what finally makes me feel like I'm pregnant. Sure, I've had multiple blood tests and ultrasounds, but that's kind of surreal. Sure, I've been nauseas and exhausted for weeks, but that just was making me feel bad not pregnant. It's the bulgy tummy that makes me realize there really is a baby growing in there.

Last pregnancy, I was so exhausted for almost all of it. Everyone said that the second trimester--the honeymoon trimester--would be so much better and that I'd get so much energy. In the fourth month, I got back some energy and felt about normal, but no extra energy. And that was it. By the fifth month, I was back to exhausted, which only got worse as I went over 41 weeks. I was on an emotional rollercoaster for most of the pregnancy too. So far this pregnancy is pretty much the same. The exhaustion may even be worse, since I have a super active toddler who doesn't sleep well.

Londo has been taking on so much. He does every winter, when I'm always so tired. But with the toddler, there is just a lot more to do--more than one person should or even can. I'm helping as much as I can, but boy, all I want to do is good to bed at 5:00 in the afternoon and stay there when I wake up, just laying in bed all day doing nothing. Unfortunately, I've got RESPONSIBILITIES and can't just check out from life for a couple months.

Now that I'm almost 14 weeks, I'm hoping that the easier months go better for me. That I get a little more energy (okay, I'd really like a TON more energy). That my nausea goes away and my heartburn doesn't act up too much. That no other lovely pregnancy symptoms start up just yet.

So there are differences this time around. Some better, some worse. Mostly just different. They say each pregnancy is different, just as each child is different. But since I've done it before, it isn't as new and strange as it was the last time. And I enjoy not obsessing or stressing about things this time.

I'm going to fess up here: As much as I want this baby and am so excited to be pregnant, I don't really enjoy being pregnant. I find it hard and uncomfortable most of the time. I'm not sure I'd be able to do it again, so the debate over whether or not Londo and I will have 2 or 3 kids may be decided.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Question of the Week - Gifts For/From You

For many of us, this is the season for giving and receiving gifts. Of course, I have not yet done my Christmas shopping. Or gotten cards out. Or done my holiday baking. And the only decorating that has been done was by my husband (thanks Londo!). I have had some major deadlines going on at work, winter is not my good time of year (because of the Seasonal Affective Disorder), the toddler is STILL not sleeping well, and the pregnancy is making me exhausted. I can barely keep up with the housework (okay, I'm not keeping up with it), let alone do extra holiday things.

But this week, I am determined to take a half day at work and get my shopping done. Maybe even get some decorating done.

At least I've been thinking about it. I've been trying to figure out what gifts to give, and what gifts do I want. We do Secret Santa for my family and Londo's, so that means I'm buying only one person in each family a gift. But we do buy gifts for all the children, and Londo and I will get each other a few things (under a dollar limit we've set). My family requested that our wish lists be sent out weeks ago. I sent out one for the Pumpkin, but not for me.

So here is today's two-part question of the week:
What gift(s) do you want this year? What gifts do you like to give?

As for me, I truly love gift certificates, especially to bookstores. There is no point in anyone buying me clothes, because I'm at the limit of my larger sizes in my closet and about to get into maternity wear. (I really did pop quicker with this child!) I'd like books, maybe some CDs, maybe DVDs, but really, I just have no idea. I hope whoever got me figures something out, because I sure can't.

I like to get the kids toys and/or books. If I know what style the adult likes, I might get clothes, but often I get books or games (like board games). Wow. Apparently, I'm all about the books. Luckily, so is my family and some of my in-laws! If I see something else that just looks right, I will get that.

One of my best gifts was a beautiful key chain engraved with names, which I got for my sister and brother's wife a few years ago. One was a purple butterfly and the other was a blue flower. They were really lovely, and both ladies actually still have them on their key chains!

How about you? What gifts to you like to receive and give? Was there any big gift that was especially a big hit? Share some ideas with me... I need them!

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