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Showing posts from July 19, 2009

Child Proof is for Other Kids

Just so you all know, it turns out that toddlers can handle a large amount ibuprofen. Trust me, poison control told me so. After I called because my amazing two year old ingested an unknown amount of Children's Motrin the other night.

You see, Londo was on the phone dealing with something while I was nursing the Pookie and when Londo turned to look at the Pumpkin, she was standing on her steps at the sink, drinking from that measuring cup that comes with the medicine bottles. She had apparently opened the childproof container, poured an unknown amount of medicine in the cup (spilling a lot in the sink), and then drank from the cup. The cup is pretty small, so we are sure there was no more than 3 teaspoons in it, which is only two times her dosage amount. We've been giving her a dose every night before bed because her two-year molars are coming in (one of four is in!).

We have only a vague idea of how much was left in the bottle before she opened it and no idea how much spilled …

DC Meet Up 8/1 and Email List

Hey, DC Area people.

First, I think that August 1st sounds best for most people. So let's say we meet that Saturday at about 10:00 in front of the train depot at Cabin John Regional Park in Rockville, MD? IIRC, there are a couple benches right in front of the building where you buy the train tickets. I'll try to grab those, probably nursing the Pookie while Londo chases the Pumpkin. (Note to self: check to make sure Londo can make it that day, otherwise phone a friend/family member to chase the Pumpkin.) I figure we'll spend a few hours there riding the train, playing on the playground and maybe eating some picnic food. Who's in?

Second, I've been thinking about those of us in this area who need support. I think we could be doing more than just getting together 3 or 4 times a year. What if we had some sort of email list that we could use for venting, for requesting help and for doing more impromptu get togethers (like if someone is going to Butler's Orchard and …

Question of the Week - Parenting Books

The Pookie has been super clingy lately--especially for me. Even when he was just fed, he wants to nurse again... but only for a few minutes before falling back asleep or just snuggling. It is sweet, but CONSTANT! And that's when he's not fussing. Because there are many times when he just keeps fussing. He'll be on and off the breast, bounced, slinged, walked, snuggled, whatever and still fussing. But I also noticed that he seems a lot more aware and different in some way I was having trouble putting my finger on.

This combination of fussy and more aware reminded me of a fantastic book I learned about from Ask Moxie and read when the Pumpkin was going through various stages. It's called The Wonder Weeks, and it talks about the fussy periods that babies go through right prior or around the time of major developmental leaps. And the first one? At 5 weeks, which is how old the Pookie is. I am so relieved to have remembered to check that book and figure out what's goin…