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Not Said Quite Right (Shorts)

In general, I really love the 2-5 age range. I especially love the cute things they say when they don't say things quite right. Here are some that we've gotten to hear over the past year or so.


When the Pumpkin was younger, we let her try hummus with red peppers and some salsa and other things to see if she liked spicy foods. She did not. After quickly realizing that, we determined that it was easier to tell her not to try something that was "too spicy" for her rather than deal with the mouth-on-fire feeling that she didn't understand.

So for probably about a year now, when the Pumpkin doesn't want to eat something or doesn't like the taste of something, she says, "That's too spicy for me."

We tell her, "I don't think that word means what you think it means."


Over the last few months, the Pumpkin has been going through that stage of testing out what is scary …

Smiles in the Night

Originally written in early December 2009.

He is awake
He wants to nurse
I root around my pillow
searching for sleep
as the baby roots around my
breast searching for my nipple.
His wakefulness and fussing
trump my desire for
just one
of sleep.
I unwillingly let go of the last
threads of unconsciousness. Tired,
frustrated, I swallow my yells,
my curse words. He senses that I am
awake. His fussing becomes coos. He looks
up at me, his round eyes wide.
He smiles.
His entire
mouth is wide,
his entire
lights up. His nose and eyes crinkle,
his round cheeks become even rounder. His
happiness at seeing me looking at him
is undeniable.
I melt.
I smile
back at him. I help him
find my nipple, get his comfort. This time is
fleeting in the overall span of my
life. For now, he needs
me more than I need
sleep. The love, the smiles make it
worth every missed minute of rest.

Mornings with Two Kids

In our family, I've got the morning shift. I have ever since the Pumpkin was born. Londo has a long commute to work that goes much better if he leaves by 6:30, so he's usually gone or leaving right as we get up. So just about every weekday morning, it's me getting the two kiddos and myself ready for the day, fed breakfast, the Pumpkin to school and myself to work.

A few weeks ago, I had started writing a post about the fun mornings we were having. I wanted to record some of the tricks games I use to get us moving, including "racing crocodiles" when we are in a hurry. (I would tell the Pumpkin that we had to hurry and she would say, "Before the crocodiles get us!" So we played that on many mornings to get her moving along.) The Pumpkin also became a little minnie-me for a while, wanting to do everything I was doing from brushing our teeth together to pretending to put on makeup. Meanwhile, the Pookie would hang out in his swing in the bathroom or the bas…

Question of the Week - Parenting Style

I took one of those little quizzes on Facebook the other day. It was What Is Your Parenting Style? It was pretty limited in the questions and answers, but it's just a fun little quiz.

I didn't need to take it, because I pretty much know what my parenting style is. The answer it gave was right on. But it also got me thinking if other people even bother to name their parenting style or can figure out how to describe themselves.

So this week's question of the week is:

What's your parenting style?

My answer to the quiz was Kinda Crunchy. That's pretty much where'd I'd put myself. I tend to fall on the attachment parenting (AP) side of the spectrum, and I am also more of a relaxed parent than a worrier or helicopter parent.

What about you? What would you call yourself? Where on the parenting style spectrum do you fall?