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Showing posts from May 16, 2010

He's Also Working on Newton's Laws of Motion

Over the past couple of months, the Pookie has discovered Gravity! It's fun to play with! It's dangerous when you are still wobbly! It can make the dog your best friend, or make the dog run from you!

The Pookie's been crawling since just before he turned 9 months old. Soon after he turned 9 months, he figured out how to stand up on his own. Last month (when he was 10 months old), he actually let go of the couch with both hands for the first time in order to clutch one of the Pumpkin's toys to his chest in glee. He has since stood for a few wobbly seconds a handful of times. It's very cute to watch, but also a bit worrisome, since he sometimes ends these moments by falling over and clunking his head instead of carefully reaching back out for the couch or something else to steady himself.

But even more fun for him and the dog, though not for me and Londo, he has realized that when he lets go of something (like food) while holding it from up above (like his highchair)…

Mother's Day Moments

The Pookie did not have the best night's sleep the night before Mother's Day. Londo helped ease the difficulty of getting him back to sleep at least once. But when the Pookie woke up at 6:00, I was just too tired to get right out of bed. Luckily, he usually entertains himself for about a half hour after waking up for the day, so I went back to sleep.

About 30 minutes later, I woke up and jumped out of bed. The monitor was off, which isn't unusual in the mornings, since I turn it off if he's playing happily in his crib. But the door to our bedroom was shut! With the monitor off, I need the door open so I can hear him when he is really crying and upset and hungry and ready to GET UP. We always leave the door open during the night, but the Pumpkin often shuts it when she comes into bed with us during the night.

And sure enough, as I jumped out of bed, I noticed that the Pumpkin was in our bed. But... Londo wasn't! Oh, Happy Mother's Day to me! Londo got the baby so …

Question of the Week - Other Languages

I totally had a different question of the week which I haven't had time to post, but then I read Ask Moxie's site today and remembered a different question I've been meaning to ask.

Do you use any words or phrases from different languages in your house as part of your normal lingo? If so, what?

I know there are a few of you who live in other countries and/or have spouses who speak other languages, so I'll bet you guys have a bunch.

For me and my husband, we speak American English and live in the US. BORING! But I used to be pretty fluent in Italian and lived over there for a semester in college. My goal when having kids was to start speak Italian again and get books and music in Italian so that I could teach them Italian. Italian is not super common here in the States, which is part of why it is appealing to me. I want to be able to say things to my kids that they will understand but no one else will. You know, like, "Stop your crying or I'll give you something…