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Showing posts from June 20, 2010

My Three Year Old Frenemy

I'm having trouble writing lately, for reason in addition to the lack of time to write. Perhaps it's a bit of writers block, but I don't think so. I have plenty ideas, things I want to write about and even how I want to write them. But I am having a hard time actually typing them out.

I think I know why, but it's really hard to say out loud/write and publish. But I'm afraid it's a hump I have to get over by actually just putting it out there.

I've been extremely frustrated with my daughter.

Yes, she's amazing in so many ways. Of course I love her and am constantly thrilled with what she can do and how she does it. No doubt her spirited personality traits will help her go far in life, since they are especially powerful traits for an adult to have.


But those traits are EXHAUSTING for a parent to deal with. She's always been so CONSTANT! Since she was born, she's needed constant attention, constant supervision, constant entertainment, constant…

Step By Step

Now that my little baby has turned a year, there are just so many changes in his life--the changes from within (developmental and growth) and the changes from without (by us parents and others).

Today, I dropped both kids off at daycare/pre-school for the first time. It won't be the last, as we are making changing to our childcare situations. In fact, the Pookie had a "free trail" day at the daycare where we are starting him full time next Wednesday. The Pumpkin will continue at her pre-school (a different location) through the summer, and then we are going to start her at a Montessori school in the fall (as long as they have room and are a fit for her! I'm feeling anxious to here back from them). He apparently did great, which is such a relieve even if it's no surprise.

The Pooki's a pretty easy-going guy, loves people and people-watching, and is very flexible with changes to his schedule and environment. The good news about starting him at daycare is that he…

Question of the Week - Good Night, Sleep Tight

I've got so many things I want to post about, so many thoughts and moments I want to get down. However, the time I have for writing them has diminished. I really want to sit down after the kids go to bed and write up my posts and poems that are swimming around in my brain, unfortunately, by the time I get both kids to sleep, I'm exhausted and can't even put two words together.

As I mentioned recently in comments on an Ask Moxie post, I've been working with the Pumpkin to help her learn how to go to sleep by herself. I've taken over this responsibility from Londo, who had been putting her to bed, because I have this going-to-sleep training plan, which requires consistency in it being me and how she responds to me at bedtime. It was going really well, and I planned to write a post about the method I had used to get her to go to sleep all by herself! Then we went on vacation. When we got back, I was back at square one with her. URG!!!

So we are struggling, as seemingl…