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Cara Figlia - Just When We Hit a Groove

Cara figlia,

When Daddy was so busy, you and I got into a pretty good groove. Even though I was all worn out, I think we were doing pretty well. I was with you in the mornings before work, and then I would leave work early to come home. We would play in the afternoons, take walks, then I would cook dinner, feed you dinner and then do the bedtime routine many nights. It was a lot of quality Mama-Pumpkin time.

Granted, I was getting behind with my work, what with leaving early every day. And I didn't have any time for myself, which wears me thin. But now that Daddy is done with his project and we are getting back into the old schedule, I am missing you!

I miss the groove we were in, I miss the pattern we had, I miss spending so much time with you. Especially the time that I don't normally spend with you in the late afternoons before dinner.

Apparently, it's going to take some time to find our old rhythm again. And for me to get used to working full days away from you! But we&#…

This Is the Way We Wash Our Hands

Some people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. We've all seen it happen, and there have even beenstudies about it. You're in a public restroom and a person leave the stall (or I suppose walks away from a urinal in the men's room) and walks right out the door, not even pausing at the sinks. We all know that there are people out there who do this.

I have no idea why someone would do this! It's not hygienic and it's incredibly gross. Bathrooms are dirty, and bacteria are spread when people don't wash their hands. Spread from urine and feces! Really, what is wrong with those people who don't wash their hands? Didn't their parents teach them this essential bit of hygiene?!?!?!

The other day, I learned (by anecdotal stories, not as an eye witness, thank goodness) that there are people who don't wash their hands and then go to parties and take food (like chips) out of serving bowls WITH THEIR DIRTY HANDS!!!

I don't know why I never con…

Feats of Strength

I warned you all that I was going to be telling cute Pumpkin stories, and here are more. This time, let's talk about my daughter's incredible physical abilities. I've mentioned that she has been hitting those physical milestones pretty early, and in fact her gross motor skills have been rated as Exceeding Expectations (by a very objective Mama)!

The Pumpkin has always particularly loved climbing. Lately, she is climbing EVERYTHING. For a while, she's been climbing up on our new couch. It's just the right level for her to swing her leg up on and get a hold in with her foot or knee. She's now also able to climb into adult-sized chairs, including the upholstered glider in her bedroom. She works with the rocking motion and gets her foot or knee up and there she goes. She gets in, turns around, sits down, rocks with the chair already in motion from her climb in and says "wheeeee!" It's terribly cute.

About a week ago, she started climbing into one of the…

You Can't Like Everyone, Right?

I try to be understanding of others and know that every person, every situation is different and that I don't know everything so I should try not to judge. I do try. And I like most people. I really do. Even when they make different decisions than I do or think in different ways or believe different things. I would hate to be around people who only thought exactly the way I do. How boring would that be?


But, there is this woman who I've had to interact with more and more over the last few months (it's not any of you, I can promise that!).

I usually like people when I meet them. Occasionally, I have some initial misgivings but once I get to know the person I usually like them fine. There are very few people in this world that I don't like at all.

This woman... Almost every time she opens her mouth, I like her less. Almost every time I learn something about her, I like her less. From her attitude to her parenting decisions. You know, it's not even her parenting …

Question of the Week - Scary Moments

Yesterday, I was walking down some stairs outside my church, when my shoe slipped a bit and I lost my balance with about 8 steps to go. I started stumbling down the cement stairs. With the Pumpkin settle against one hip, one arm holding her to me, which became a death grip to keep her against me.

I struggled to stay upright, and luckily succeeded--but just barely. Thanksfully, I had my other hand on the rail and used it to pull myself upright. I almost regained my balance twice, but gravity kept pulling me down. I didn't get my balance back until my knee landed on the cement at the bottom of the stairs.

One shin and both knees got scrapped up, pretty bad in some places. My arm was yanked pretty hard behind me, and that hand has a burn in the palm from the railing. My foot and the muscles in both legs are extremely sore, even more so today than yesterday. My arm that had been holding my baby is also sore because of the death-grip hold I had on her.

The Pumpkin? Not a scratch on her.…