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Showing posts from August 24, 2008

Realizations and Pretending

I've realized a few things over the past couple of days:

1. I'm transparent. I always suspected this, but the many people who said that they suspected we were trying confirms it. Although I must say I wasn't going out of my way to keep it a secret. I just wasn't laying it out there until now.

2. You people are wonderful. Of course I knew this already, but it hit me again. My friends inside the computer (as well as those IRL) are very supportive and understanding, and I appreciate every kind word you've said to me. Thank you all.

3. It helps to know others who have struggle with IF while I'm going through it again. I was going to write that I no longer feel alone, but that wouldn't have been accurate. Londo was with me every step of the way, and I had great support from my family and some close friends. But no one else had really been through it and totally understood exactly what it felt like. The closest was of course my husband, but as a man, he couldn'…

Going For Number Two

Here is the post where I spill my guts. I've debated whether I wanted to write about any of this or all of it or what. I debated whether my hubby really was okay with me "telling the world," but I'm taking him at his word when he told me to go ahead. I worry about keeping some things private, but I am no longer sure why I would want to keep this private. Going through it last time was so hard to do when I didn't know anyone IRL who was going through it, and it can be so isolating. Thanks to some friends I found through the internet, I had people to talk to. I need support and I need to talk and write about this, because that's how I deal. Besides, the real life friends and family we have who read my blog already know, so here goes...

We are trying to conceive a second child. Some people wait until their child is older and things are more settled to go through the chaos of babyhood/toddlerhood all over again. Londo and I are in agreement that we want to get it …

DC Area Dinner This Saturday!

Yeowza! Apparently you all are sick of the Olympics. I should have realized. I got one sympathy answer, and that's it. I get it people. You are done with the Olympics. Michael Phelps has moved on to London, and you all are moving on too.

But for those of you in the DC area, how about moving on to Bethesda and coming out for an adult dinner and drinks? That's right get a babysitter and leave the kids at home! The majority of you voted for the 30th, so I hope you've had it marked on your calendar!

The details are here, so read them and then come back here and tell me if you are in (if you haven't already), so I can make reservations.

So far, this is who I have as coming:
-Justin and Colleen - Probably
-La Folle Maman - Maybe
-hedra and epeepunk - Yes
-zaimah (z) and husband - Yes

Okay, more people than that voted for this day. So where are you people? Who else wants to come?

Question of the Week - Olympic Moment

I've got a bunch of thoughts swirling around in my head. Again, there is a lot I want to write about, but I am both too busy with other things and not centered enough to get it out. Yet.

Besides, today is Monday! No one wants to hear deep thoughts on Monday. And since the Olympics just wrapped up, let's reflect on that. After this, I promise to be done with the Olympics. I'll be back to asking what your favorite color is and why you like your kids.

Here's the Question of the Week:

What was your favorite moment of the 2008 Olympics?

My favorite moment was when Nastia Liukin took gold and Shawn Johnson got silver in the women's all around in gymnastics. It was an amazing 1-2 that they had been hoping for, and they both look just so thrilled!

How about you? Not everyone can pick the finish of the freestyle relay, although I suspect that BBM's favorite moment will involve Michael Phelps body is some way. ;-)