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Morning Conversations Shorts

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. I'm still really in shock about the loss of our friend. I am going to write a couple of cute stories today to try and concentrate on nicer things.

The Pumpkin seems to have made a cognitive developmental leap lately. It's hard for Londo and I to pinpoint exactly what it is that's different, but we both have realized it. (I'll have to look into what's going on developmentally at this age.) What we have noticed is how she thinks about things seems slightly different, and the way she talks about things.

So here are some cute things she's said this morning and the other morning, each of which have at least something cognitively different from before this leap. I will put the pound sign (#) by things I think are new.

The other morning when Londo was downstairs feeding the dog, the Pumpkin woke up and came into our room as always. I had been in the bathroom washing up, but I heard her, so I came out…

The Spectrum of Life and Death

We are close (so very very close) to the arrive of the baby boy. (Check out the countdown I put up on the right side of the blog!) We've done so much preparing for the arrival of the new life lately, as well as preparing the toddler for his arrival. This birth and the amazing development of my little girl have been consuming my thoughts (and Londo's thoughts) pretty completely for a while now. In addition, my sister (who is currently in a far away country on business for a couple weeks) is also pregnant, so we are constantly talking about ultrasounds, movements, Braxton-Hicks contractions, infant clothes, setting up nurserys, etc.

Babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers. These little beings in the beginning stages of life. The alpha stage...

In the spectrum of life and death, there is the other end. The omega stage.

Unfortunately, we have lately had to deal with that stage as well. It's much harder to talk about and blog about. It's hard to dwell on, even when that is exactly wh…

Because I Said So

The Pumpkin does not listen well. Oh, she hears just fine. But she doesn't listen. I'm sure it's a combination of her age and her personality. I know most 2 year olds have problems with simply doing what you tell them. (Ah, The Twos are so much fun.) But my girl? Never has really done what you tell her just because you tell her.

I don't want my children to simply comply like mindless automatons. If that's what we teach them at home, I fear that is what they will do out in the world. Just follow what people tell them without thinking. I don't want that. I really want children who cooperate with us as parents. Children who are able to think through what is asked of them and what they are doing. But as their parents, I want the children to cooperate with Londo and me because we need them to do certain things to be safe, respectful and kind (hedra's awesome terms). And we are trying to teach that... Although The Twos might not be the best place to expect results…

Question of the Week - Weird Eating

A couple of nights ago, we had hot dogs for dinner. The Pumpkin enjoys a good hot dog, as do Londo and I. But we noticed the oddest thing a couple months ago in how she eats her hot dogs. She doesn't eat it in a bun. Nor does she want it cut up. She doesn't even eat it from one end to the other. Nope. She eats it like corn on the cob! I have NO idea where she picked this up! I mean, we do eat corn on the cob, and she's a champ at it. But to transfer that to the hot dog? It's just weird eating!

This week's question of the week is:

Do you eat any particular food in an odd manner?

Londo is always teasing me about how I eat chips. I eat some (okay, most) chips by licking off the flavoring first, and then I (usually) eat the chip. This is especially true of sour cream and onion chips and those deliscious Hint of Lime Tostitos, which Londo jokes I obsess over like it was crack powdering the chips! (No, I've never done crack. Who needs to when there's usually a bag o…