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Showing posts from September 20, 2009

Mom Purse Coming to the Rescue!

I went to the outlets last month to buy fall clothes for the Pumpkin and much needed clothes for the Pookie. I got myself underwear--nothing fun or pretty, just big panties that don't rest on my incision/scar. The one fun thing I got for myself was a purse. I found it at Nine West and picked it for it's pattern and material. It's really cute.

The issues I had were that there was only one inside pocket (and no outside pocket) and it was maybe a medium-sized purse. I usually like smaller purses, because I will fill bigger purses up with crap that I don't really need in my purse. Also, between the size and lack of pockets, I had a feeling I would lose things in it and have to search for anything I needed. Of course, those things have come true. But it might not be all bad anymore.

As I was searching for my phone in the depths of the purse the other day, I was laughing at what was in there. In addition to my necessary and unnecessary items for myself, I also have some of th…

Question of the Week - Car Tripping

Unfortunately, the caramama family went out of town for a funeral this weekend. My husband's grandfather passed away. Though he was 94 and it was expected, it was still very difficult. Because it's been such a sad weekend, I don't want to dwell on it here.

Instead let me tell you about a first for our family: We did our first big car trip as a family of four. (It was also the kids first funeral. I brought them only to the viewing part of funeral so they could see and be seen by their extended family members on my husband's side.)

I know you are wondering how the car trip went. It was pretty crappy, thanks for asking! We left Friday about 10:30. I had thought that the Pookie would take his long morning nap in the car, while the Pumpkin watched some DVDs on the player we bring with us on car trips*. The Pumpkin no longer hates the car and does well on car trips, unlike earlier in her life. She was a bit fussy throughout the car trip, but overall did fine.

Except on our s…

Caro Figlio - My Smile Guy

Caro Mio Bello Bambino,

Last week, you officially turned 3 months old.

You are a big boy, with very round features. A round head, round eyes, round nose and big, round cheeks. You are absolutely adorable and highly kissable. You are a little broad in width and really solid, like a little football player. Your eyes are the same deep, bright blue with yellowish-brown flecks in the middle as your sister's were. your hair seems to have a reddish tint to the light brown, but there isn't a whole lot there to really be able to tell.

Mostly, you are very very smiley. Your daddy pointed out the other day that I call you "smile guy." I didn't really realize that I called you that, or maybe I didn't realize how much I call you that. But you are always giving me this huge, toothless, wide-mouthed smile. You crinkle your nose and open your mouth as big as it'll go. The crinkles reach your eyes. It's as if your whole face just lights up with joy!

You also giggle a l…