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Nobody Likes It When Mommy Yells

This morning was not a good one. It was on the heels of another rough night, with the Pookie sick or teething so up a lot and the Pumpkin having bad dreams or something and up also. I only mention the rough night to set the stage.

You see, I was grumpy and had very little patience this morning, which I told her as soon as I got up. So when the Pumpkin wouldn't wash her hands? Even though she knows the rule is to wash her hands after potty/diaper changes and before playing with her brother? And I had reminded her, told her she had to, and otherwise said it was going to happen a few times already? I just picked her up and forcibly washed her hands.

It wasn't my best strategy, since it resulted in a 10 minute meltdown on her part, which not only included red-faced crying, but also what can only be called screeching. Normally, I do some version of the "you can do it yourself by the count of 3, or I'm going to do it" or playful parenting to get the job done. But I was…

My Cuddlicious Plushie

The Pookie's diaper leaked in the middle of the night a few days ago. I think it was about 1:30, and he was wailing. I got him out of the crib, took his sleeper off and changed his diaper, with him screaming the whole time. He was REALLY upset. Probably because I turned the light on when I realized there was a big wet spot in his crib.

Although I had originally planned to change him and change his sheets before nursing him, he was so upset that I ditched that plan once I had him in a new diaper. I knew he was hungry and needed to calm down, for his sake and the sake of his sister sleeping in the room next door. So I cradled him in my arms, sat in the glider and started to nurse him, while he was just in his diaper.

OMG, that boy is SO cuddly! His skin is so soft it's like butter. He has just fattened up a bit, in preparation for the coming growth spurt and for crawling, which his is so close to doing. So many of his features have that adorable round-baby quality. He is, in a w…

The Body of a Mom

This morning on the radio I heard an advertisement for a plastic surgeon for specials on "Mommy Makeovers." The ad started with a woman who said that she had kids and she loves being a mom, but... even though she's back to her pre-pregnancy weight, her body just isn't the same as it was pre-kids. And she misses that body and wishes she had it again.

Completely typical, right? I'm sure just about every mom has felt that way--I know I have!

So this plastic surgeon is offering the "Mommy Makeovers" to get moms back their pre-kids body. He can make your breasts full/perky again, tuck that tummy, take away the stretch marks, lipo those saddlebags! Before you know it, you'll have the body of a 20 year old again!

While I'm sure that many women would love to have their "old" body back, I have a big problem with this whole concept. Mainly the idea that after having gone through pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and all the other things we go …

Question of the Week - Middle of the Night Tantrums

Update at bottom.

This week's question of the week comes from a comment mom2boys left in Friday's post:

"Anyone have a way they handle middle of the night tantrums? He used to wake up and want me to lay down with him but now he's waking up and wanting to get up - at 2 in the morning and pitching a HUGE fit when I tell him he can't. Hard to use distraction or just ignore it. I'm at a loss."

Middle of the night tantrums. My favorite! Sigh... We just got through a period of constant middle of the night tantrums, as in pretty much EVERY night. We are now down to the occasional one, which is much more manageable though still incredibly frustrating. I'm pretty sure it's a normal stage/phase of development, since I know of many around this age who have been through it.

In fact, last Friday night I got to deal with one. My absolutely fantastic SIL came over to spend the night, as she is doing one night a week to help us out. She took the bottles and bottle wa…