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Cara Figlia - Babbling Away

Cara figlia,

Lately, you have a lot to say. You will at me very intently and then talk very seriously. Unfortunately, you aren't saying any real words. But your babbling sure is adorable. Except when it's in the middle of trying to nurse you to sleep or in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping .

You are also saying a lot of real words. You are having a word explosion, and it's incredible to hear. Animal noises and names, mama and dada, shoes and socks, diapers and bath, balls and bubbles, apple and balala (banana). You are saying all that and more. Your pronunciations are not perfect, but pretty darn good... once Daddy and I figured out that your say Bs instead of Ms and Ls instead of Ns.

You are also signing a bunch of new words. Eat and nurse are two signs I had been waiting for and you are finally doing. I can see now that I will have to be looking up a lot more words and buying or borrowing more of the Baby Signing Times DVDs.

This ability to communicate se…

What We Put In Our Bodies

First two things I wanted to mention, and then on to my post. Thanks for all your comments about my childcare delimma. It helps to hear other opinions, and that website that La Folle Maman gave has been fantastic! I'll keep you all updated as we go along, including my reaction to the Montessori school I visited (I LOVED IT!!!). Speaking of updates, I updated the Quote I Love at the bottom of the blog with one of my favorite quotes from Mark Twain. It's a good one--check it out. Now, on to today's thoughts...

I've mentioned before that I'm a bit of a hippie mom. Well, this seems to be especially true in my choices for foods and other things that my baby girl might ingest. I used to roll my eyes at people who bought organic foods or said how eating this or that could cause cancer. It seems that everything causes cancer, so that scare tactic wouldn't work on me!

Now, I'm thinking that everything DOES seem to cause (or at least contribute to) cancer. Or ADD/ADHD …

Time for a New Plan

First, I wanted to thank everyone for being so sympathetic about my loss of smell. I'm happy to say that it's returning, but unhappy to report that I think my house is pretty stinky. I never thought the loss of that particular sense would be that bad, but it really, truly is. I'm amazing at how much I was affected. And I won't be using the Zicam nasal swabs anymore. I'm not even sure I'll be using the swallowable tablets.

As I'm sure I've said before, my mom has been watching my daughter and my sister's daughter during the days, with a babysitter/nanny who comes over in the afternoons to watch them while my mom gives violin lessons (which has been her job since I was little). This has been a really great set up for many reasons, including the fact that my mom gets to watch her own grandchildren, the babysitter is a dream, everything is very flexible and catered to my daughter and my niece (as much as possible), my daughter gets to play all day with h…

DC Area Meet Up

Update below
Another update!

Some of us readers of Ask Moxie have noticed that a bunch of us live in the DC area. There was some talk about getting together with other Moxie readers in the DC area. So, I thought I'd start the process by trying to come up with a plan and solicit opinions and ideas. I also thought I'd invite other bloggers in the area to join in if they wanted.

My initial thoughts are we could meet at the DC zoo some weekend day in April or at a park in Rockville, MD, right off of 270. I personally think the zoo would be the best place for a first meet up, as the kids will be entertained while we chat and it's a central location that is easy to get to.

Right now, I'm looking free on the weekend of May 10-11. Are those dates good?
Update:I can't believe I forgot May 11th is Mother's Day. We may be out of town that weekend. What about the following weekend, May 17-18?
Update over.

Second update:
People! Suggest other dates! I'm not set on any dates. …

Can't Smell a Thing

Did I mention that I'd just started using Zicam to help alleviate my colds, which came one right after another? Once I found out that they were safe to use during breastfeeding, I decided to try it. I thought they were great! When I went one day without it during my last cold, my symptoms got so much worse. Once I started using it again, the symptoms were much better, and the cold quickly ended.

When the second cold came right on top of the first, I immediately started using the Zicam again. It seemed to help, and I thought it was just fantastic. I little swab around the nose 3-4 times a day, and my cold was shorter and easier. Even though I had heard that it could cause lose of smell, I thought that wouldn't be a big deal because you can't smell much with a stuffy nose anyway.

Well, let me tell you something. Lose of smell might seem like a great thing when you are changing the baby's poopy diapers, but because your sense of taste is strongly affected by how things smel…

Question of the Week - Reality TV

It's been a long, sick weekend. The Pumpkin and I are both feeling better, but we are both still a little sick and not sleeping well. I did not blog all weekend, and I'm sorry about that. Tonight, I'll have to go to bed early, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to blog tonight either. I will catch up with everyone eventually.

For now, let's just get to the question of the week.

If you could be (or had to be) on a reality TV show, which would it be?

Now, I would not willingly go on one of those shows, but if I had to be on one, I would want to be on one of the design shows like Designers' Challenge (for our kitchen/family room), Cash in the Attic, Trading Spaces or something like that. Yes, they totally do count as reality TV, and I'll not hear another word about it.

How about you? Would love to be on one? Which would you pick if you had to be on one?