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What's In a Name?

*Updated at bottom*

The Pumpkin has named her first toy. It is one she has recently become attached too--a stuffed, terrycloth bath duck, which has a robe with hood and little ducky slippers on it's feet. We kept it in the bathroom for a long time, although never put it in the bath. She pulled it out one day and left it in our room. Then, all of sudden, she decides that it's THE TOY. She has to have it to go to sleep, she has to tote it around when she gets up and comes in our room in the night or morning. She leaves it in her room during the day, but always looks for it at bedtime.

And, she named it. She hasn't named any other stuffed animal, baby doll or toy. We call her baby dolls "baby doll" and her stuffed animals by the name of the toy ("Where's your lion?"). But one night, early in this new infatuation, she called the duck "Mister Quack." (At least, we are 90% sure that's what she said.) It's cute, so we are going with it. We …

Our Growing Family

The Pumpkin is really starting to get relationships. I mentioned yesterday that when we ask her what's in Mommy's belly, she answers "baby brudda." When I told this story to a coworker, she asked if the Pumpkin understand what a baby brudda entails. Something I've been wondering about myself.

What I've noticed about my girl, especially over the last few months, is that she really does pick up on more than we think she does. Her answering "baby brudda" is actually an example of this. The first time we told her about Mommy growing a baby in her belly, we didn't think she got it at all. Who knows if she did or didn't. Over the following weeks and months, we continued to talk about the baby in Mommy's belly, especially after we found out that it was a boy. Then we were able to tell her not only that she'd be a big sister, but that she'll have a baby brother.

Again, we just weren't sure how much she was getting, if anything. She i…

Health Updates

Before I get to today's post, in which I will give health updates on the Pumpkin, the baby brudda and myself, I wanted to say a couple little things.

First, thanks to everyone who commented on this week's question of the week. All of those answers were extremely helpful, and I'm looking into all the suggestions. We are big fans of Nature's Miracle, but I was worried about using in on the antique fabric. I will just test a spot first to see if it's okay. Maybe I'll use some fabric cleaner after using it, too.

Second, I really am going to post the Pumpkin's year in review, but it's taking me a while to go through the year and write it up. I will also do her annual assessment, but I have to do the year in review first so I can accurately assess her. I'm hoping to get them finished next week.

Third, on my way to work this morning, I was thinking about last week's question of the week, and guess what came on the radio? Magic Carpet Ride, by Steppenwol…

Question of the Week - Help a Mama Out

I have so many random questions I want to ask around about, so many areas in which I would love some advice and opinions. How can I narrow this week's question of the week down to just one? So...

This week's question of the week is:

Can you help caramama out with answers or advice in any of the following areas?

(Hehe. See what I did there? I'm totally cheating!)

1. My daughter keeps singing some words to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle (or ABCs or Baa Baa Black Sheep--all of those have the same tune), and the words of the second line go something like, "Where you going in the night?" I have no idea where it is from, which means it probably was on some TV show I didn't watch with her (last time we had a mystery song, it turned out to be the Wonderpets song). She is singing the same words over and over, so I'm pretty sure she didn't make it up. Does anyone have any idea what she's singing? It's driving me crazy to not know!

2. I was looking at beds for t…