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July DC Area Get Together - Petting Farm

Please note the date change to Sunday, July 11th!

Hey, DC area people!

I know I know that I said I would do a grown-up only event for June... but... well, June kind of got away from me. And to be honest, Londo and I can neither afford a nice night out in terms of money and time. We've only gone out once the kids are asleep, and then we have had my mom or MIL stay with the monitors. But lately, my mom's been busy and my MIL wasn't able to come up to visit until last weekend.

(Side note: MIL and FIL stayed with sleeping kids last weekend, and Londo and I went out for ice cream and a movie! An early anniversary night out for us! We saw The A-Team, and it was awesome!)

However, I've got a great idea for July 11th: a trip with kids to a petting farm!

This location is up north of me, so not too easy to get to for some of you. But we plan to go a week from Saturday anyway, and I thought others might want to come. Here are the details:

Date & Time: July 11, 2010, 10:30 AM - ??

Big Changes in Our Childcare

Londo and I are still working out the resolution to yesterday's Question of the Week/You Be the Parent. Keep commenting away, as we are getting a lot of great ideas and others are too! When we figure out what we're going to do and see how it works, I'll post a resolution.

In addition to the normal chaos of having a 3 year old and a 1 year old, there are some serious changes in our childcare situation over the last week. We've spent months of debating about what would be best for our children, and we have decided the following:

1. The Pookie started in a daycare yesterday. He's turned 1, and this makes the most sense for all of us right now.
2. The Pumpkin is going to "summer school" at the same place where the Pookie is going to daycare, and she started on Monday.
3. The Pumpkin will start in a Montessori school this fall. (I'd start her earlier, but the school is closed from mid-July to the end of August, so there was no point.)

1. The Pookie started at …

Question of the Week - You Be the Parent at Bedtime

A bloggy friend of mine does a really neat series of posts, which she calls You Be the Parent (her older posts were on her previous blog). It's like the Choose Your Own Adventures of parenting decisions. Not only do I like reading them and contributing to them, but I love to read everyone else's answers. It seems like a great way to get lots of opinions, as well as see where you are in the bell curve of people you know.

After approval for totally stealing borrowing the idea, I am doing an edition of You Be the Parent: Bedtime as my Question of the Week this week:

Although your three-year-old daughter has never gone to sleep easily, you worked hard over a couple of months to get her used to going to sleep on her own. You slowly weaned her from being cuddled and sang to in order to get to sleep, to sitting next to her and rubbing her back, to sitting across the room from her while she lied down by herself, to finally her going to sleep on her own without you in the room. To final…