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Cara Mama - I Don't Need No Stinking Nap

Cara mama,

I don't know why you keep insisting I need to take two naps. Some days, one nap is all I want. I don't think I need two naps every day. Sometimes, I'm just not tired when you say it's time for my nap. I'm not even tired when you try me again later. Sometimes, I'm not tired all morning! And other times, I'm not tired all afternoon!

You just can't make me go to sleep when I'm not tired. I can't just close my eyes and drift off, like you suggest. This body of mine does not work that way. No amount of bottles, nursing, rocking or walking is going to do it.

I usually* feel fine for most of the day with just one nap. I think I'm ready for just one nap a day... most days. The problem is, I don't know which days I might still need two naps unless you try to put me down for both naps. I know it's confusing and frustrating for you, but it's even more so for me!

Besides, I'm sleeping really well at night again. Isn't that en…

Cara Bambina - You Are My Baby

Cara mia bambina,

I look at you every now and then and just can't get over that you are my and your daddy's baby. You really are our daughter. It's just amazing to me that you were created from my genetic material combined with the love of my life's genetic material... Life created where there was none before.

And you've grown from a little lump of fussiness into a little person. You are this bit of a being, with needs and wants and a personality and the most beautiful laugh I've ever heard. I look down at you in my arms, and I just am so filled with love. Overfilled with love.

The most often heard phrase in our house from your daddy and me is "I just love her so much." The miracle that you are has just been amazing to your dad and me.

This first year of your life has been difficult for us all, but I see how it was all worth it. I always knew it would be worth it, and I have seen the shining moments between the fussy periods. And these moments lately h…

At Least We Support Each Other

In the evenings, Londo and I switch off who is going to feed the Pumpkin and who is going to give her the bath and get her ready for bed (I then nurse her to sleep, if I can). The other evening, Londo came home after leaving work late and being in a bunch of traffic, so I told him to do whichever would be easier for him. He said he'd rather feed her than kneel down by the tub.

What we didn't realize was that this night the Pumpkin was going to be a grumpy and picky eater (it happens). As she was throwing the food on the floor, banging her highchair tray, whining the whole time and not eating any number of things that Londo offered, here is a snippet of the conversation he and I had across the dinner table:

caramama (snarkily): Boy, am I glad you picked feeding her!
Londo: Yeah, thanks for your sympathy. I hope she poops in the tub for you.
caramama: haha

For the record, I finished feeding her when he got too frustrated and then I also gave her the bath! And Londo did all the dishe…

Tourists, Nerds and Kids

Having you all been wondering about my March book for the TBR Challenge? You all thought I wasn't keeping up, didn't you? You thought that I wouldn't meet my March challenge because of how busy I've been, right?

Well, I'll have you all know that I did indeed finish my March book, Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan. The book was really good. It was very different from her other works, but really well done. At first, I had a hard time following all the different characters and I was surprised that some of her normal themes were not in the book, but after I started getting into it I really enjoyed it.

The political commentary on Myanmar/Burma was well said, as was her look at how obnoxious tourists can be when visiting other countries. As much as the tourists she wrote about annoyed me, I still found myself rooting for them. That takes good writing, because usually if I don't really like any characters in the book, I don't get into what happens to them. In th…

Cute Stories About the Pumpkin

Oh my goodness... I miss ALL those things too! And I take mine back. What I miss the MOST is being able to have sex with my husband anytime, anywhere. Someday, we'll have morning sex again. Someday...


Thanks for all your well-wishing for the Pumpkin. She seems to be fine except a runny nose, and the snot is clear. She was in a great mood all day yesterday, except when we had to wipe her nose. So we are thinking she's not really sick. And last night (I know I'm jinxing it), she slept straight through until just after 6:00!! It was great! So she's back at my mom's today.

I think I'm going to counter-balance the recent posts on how hard having a baby can be and what I/we miss with some cute little stories about the Pumpkin's latest achievements. I really would go through it all again and give up all those things, because she is the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me.

But let me start with a scary story about a big realization I had... i…

Question of the Week - What Do You Miss?

The Pumpkin has got a cold, so I'm staying home with her this morning. Londo hopes to relief me around noon so I can get into work for a meeting and to do some things I need to get done.

It was a rough night for all of us, because she couldn't breath very well lying down. This morning, she was pretty fussy, but she's already doing a lot better. She actually ate a very big breakfast and watching the dog out the window now. The worst has been trying to wipe her nose, but the trick using a wet wipe has helped a lot.

But on to the Question of the Week... Last night, as I desperately tried to catch up on some blogs, I read Jezer's post about finally getting to do one of her favorite hobbies (gardening). It got me wondering.

Question of the Week:
What is something you miss doing since having kids or in other ways being to busy? And sleep doesn't count, cause I think everyone would say that. ;-)

For me, it's probably going to the movies. I'm able to make time to read…