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Showing posts from August 3, 2008

There's a Recession? Ah! Blog It!

So apparently there is some sort of recession going on and we should be doing some sort of economic stimulus. I don't really know much about it, since I avoid the news like the plague. But I hear it's happening, and it's affecting even the bloggers here in the blogosphere! It may even strike on of you--or, heaven forbid, ME!

But don't worry, there is a plan!

August is Blog the Recession month, hosted by Motherhood Uncensored!

What this means is that those of us who read blogs should actually visit the blogs. That's right, click off your reader/feed and get thee to the blog! And maybe even click around a bit. Check out other pages. Check out links. Those extra clicks might mean the difference to some poor, starving blogger. Even for those of us who don't have advertising (at least not yet), the extra page views and time on page can really mean a lot. If you are feeling crazy, you could even leave comments--I especially love the conversational aspect of blogging/co…

Random Thoughts From An Exhausted Mama

I had a whole post written out in my head about how I get along well with those of the male gender and how it's important to me to friends with men, not just women, and hear the male perspective which is why I frequent blogs by dads so much. But other than that basic sentence all I can think of now is: I like boys. Not like like. Just like. Except my husband. I LOOOOOOOOVE him.

And that is just not a good post.

After being up for 2.5 hours with The Baby Who Would Not Go Back To Sleep No Matter What I Did, being rescued by Londo (did I mention I LOOOOOOOOVE him?) and sleeping at most 5.5 hours last night, I simply can't think straight. Which is great when I have a super busy day at work today in which I'm require to both Think and Explain Clearly in Writing and Speaking. This is proving to be difficult.


So instead let me attempt to entertain you with the names I've given to our travel mugs:
-The One That Leaks
-The One That's Too Big for M…

Not Funny Haha

As I mentioned yesterday, I realize that I'm not that funny in my writing. I can actually be pretty funny in person, but I think my humor is best during back-and-forth exchanges with other humorous people. I have been known to make groups of people laugh without resorting to corny jokes, including during work meetings. But I realize that my writing is not that funny. I think I can be amusing (I hope I am amusing), but not haha funny.

Black Hockey Jesus* recently wrote a post asking people to submit to him their best posts, and I thought about it. And thought about it. I realized that I was searching in my head for a post I thought was funny enough, not just good writing, but funny. The best ones I could come up with were the ones my husband wrote.

This does not surprise me. Here is the thing: in our relationship, Londo is the funny one. I think I make a good supporting character for a comedy--not the comedic sidekick, but good support of a funnier character. I can play really well…

Question of the Week - Online Vs. IRL

I've been thinking a lot about blogging lately. Maybe it was all the hubbub around BlogHer (which I really wanted to go to, but just couldn't afford this year). Maybe it's just part of me feeling introspective lately. Also it's probably cause an online friend emailed me and mentioned something about my "online persona." So I really started thinking about myself and how I am online versus in real life.

I really think that overall, I'm pretty much the same online as I am in person. My personality and my voice is definitely the same. I'm generally this open in real life. If people ask how I am, I tell them that I'm exhausted because the baby woke up at 4:00 this morning and didn't go back to sleep (this is what happened this morning, so please pardon any typos or poor writing skills, as I'm exhausted). I try to be supportive and understanding of the people around me. I get annoyed with things, and I vent about it. That's just me.

Also, I w…

Cara Mama - No Longer a Bambina

Cara Mama,

I'm no longer a baby. I'm really a toddler now. I don't babble like a baby--I babble like a toddler, with realistic sounds and real words stuck in here and there. I don't move like a baby--I move like a little child who climbs and runs and hits and kicks. I don't even cry like a baby anymore--I let loose with my cries, and more often than not turning it into a real tantrum!

I'm growing up, Mama. When we get ready for bed, I like to stand up on my steps at the sink and brush my own teeth. When we are going places, I want to walk on my own. I want to go up and down the stairs on my own and not be carried. I want to be able to use my spoon myself and get my snacks myself. I want to hold my bottle myself. I want to do so many things myself, even things you say I can't do myself yet. I want to climb on everything and get down myself.

Thanks for letting me do all these things. I do appreciate you being there to help me and guide me. But I also appreciate…